Wednesday, December 23, 2009

wireman bangla.

dari e-mel ibu.

Setelah menetap selama setahun di Kemaman aku mula merasakan kadang2 cuaca waktu malam dibilek rehat rumah ku agak panas juga. Melalui seorang kawan baik aku belilah kipas ceiling dan syarikat penghantaran telah mengupah saorang wireman Bangla untuk memasang kipas saya itu. Saya lampirkan untuk tatapan tuan2 cik2 dan puan2 workmanshipnya yang sungguh hebat ini. Memang maseh belum ada anak malaysia yang sehebat ini. Tengoklah sendiri kehebatan wireman ini.

klu nak adjust dia punya laju make sure off dulu fan tu...sendri mau ingat....heheheehhe

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

last wednesday,19 Dec 09

our flight was at 8.30,as we approached the cabin doors,the scent of green carpet floors,multicolored seats with flight attendants in green uniforms,pleases me. it's been long since i boarded an MAS plane. the head steward was mumbling lazily about the flight, most off his words are like an adult version of baby talk. we only catch glimpses of kota kinabalu and headed for kundasang. half way there, it was foggy and drizzling . then a hard rain,then a sprinkle(continuing back and forth). after we'd settled down, we went straight for dinner . it was unnaturally cold that night .subuh was around 5,by 6 we've reached daylight. breakfast was decent. abah said the plan was to visit some hot springs at a place called Poring. we paid a visit to the butterfly garden and ended up doing a little jungle trekking and the canopy walk. abah made ibu walked(or she gets left behind). since i hold the camera, i lead the group .the walk was exhilarating!!! yeah!(for me,pian and abah). the rest,who called themselves 'kumpulan kurang keyakinan'(according to ma-ken),was extremely glad to be alive. the next day, we went to pasar philippines to buy ikan masin and all sorts. alas, it was time to leave. we said our good-bye's to KK and off to the airport. the flight attendants was mostly tall,dark and handsome(haha!)one off them(who looked like a rookie) was soo thin and amazingly tall that i'd secretly named him'stick boy'.we had a smooth landing and home we were. alhamdulillah .

the best decent pictures i've got since most were taken from the
official camera.

at the pasar philippines.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the love letter


i was in the line of duty(cleaning up specificly)when i stumble upon old letters . i.e., old bills,poscards, letters and love letters. ibu started writing after they were engaged,when she was taking courses at UITM kuantan .it was mostly for abah,with words like "dearest abang","sayang" and "my lovely fiance". ibu mention that abah did write back, faithfully. only his letters were straight-foward, he'd tell if he was upset and telling her stuff like"you should be studying instead!". it tickled my funny bone when i read the part where ibu was dreading to hear abah's 'warm voice','handsome face' and all sorts . how these things make people feel wonderful, as if the world's a better place . i didn't read them all, just parts and bits . too mushy for me. i've also found the paper that arwah atuk typed just day's before he passed away . it was to remind himself of what he was to expect at the alam barzakh. things like what is your religion, who is your imam and what is your kiblat . it was sad reading it, knowing that my late grandfather(whom i've never met) typed this just as he was about to leave this world . now,what's left of him is the house at tmn sepakat,pictures and letters, and his wife-hjh rukiah bt hj abdul rahman, or nenek. i wonder if nenek and arwah atuk have their love letters.

Friday, November 20, 2009


i have waited patiently for this day to come . hello babehh!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

friday, dear

seconds,minutes,hours,days,weeks and months, waiting. friday, you've come again . it was our last as form4 this year, most were seen hugging and changing numbers . for next year, we are no more a new, we are to be exemplary to others, we are to face our crucial exam, the SPM . ooh..give me the creeps just mentioning the name . thinking back, i have grown a lot these past years , im not wearing the dark blue kain to school, im learning what they called chemistry and physics, im able to write essays, longer than i think i can . im no more a secondary nor middle school. High school student, ooh.. it's glory days alright.

our last assembly started off late, then we were to go to surau for majlis ilmu, after solat duha . im quite dissapointed of what we were supposed to learn . the ceramah was mostly a dialogue session between a christian (Dr. Campbell) and a muslim (Dr.Zakir Naik) about the Quran . but, since we listen it from an indonesian audio for better understanding, the only thing i've heard from it , was 'segumpal darah'. apparently this christ dr. was explaining of how wrong the Quran was,using the words from the greeks and romans . according to Uzt. Razak, Dr. Zakir Naik somehow won this debate-like . the day before was amusingly fun , thou .

dearest 4 ka2, our memories shall never fade .

im not supposed to be in this pic.but i am.

4 ka 2 for the last of our time, you guys have loved and be loved .

Friday, October 30, 2009

mental , aren't we?

today, we 4 ka 2's , had our final lessons as a form 4 student . it was english 1119 . it was not our best days , meaningful enough thou . it's our final history lessons too, with beloved Sir Shah , again not our best days. mostly because we're chasing time and everyone was rushing for the final exams which is due in november 2nd . am i ready for the final, crucial battle as a form 4? assuming it is a real war with M16, riffles,bazookas and with every sniper aiming directly at you . i think id die the moment i step foot on the battle ground , not a chance to even fire back . the board members of the whiteboard(people who would always jotted something on the w/board) already scribbled about the curiosity of our future , it was said to be that we aren't to stay in the same class next year , thou how much we hate that, it is the truth . to the teachers, thousand apologies for our bad behaviour . i think that we're very, very lucky indeed to have teachers who are always giving their very best . and sorry for the bad vocabs, i think im losing it .

Thursday, September 24, 2009

getting famished

i think im getting old, i kept asking people, "today is..?".huh

either im getting old too fast or i just could'n be bothered about this year's eid. i didn't wear my baju kurung raya ,mainlybecause i left it at sepang ,i know, teruk betul . i was pretty darn confident of placing it in the bag ,thou . this year's eid is so,utterly differs from the previous ones,gulfh . we went back to Penang on 1st Syawal to visit arwah yaie's grave, it does lessen the boredomness we had at kedah .

After seven years leaving tmn sepakat,ulu kelang , i went back home, where i grew up to be me . it was like being there but, by there, as if im at some place else . where everything seem so big back then , my playground(rumah nenek is always a bungalow to me) gotten narrow, everything seem to have shrunk . feels like it, but it's the same . i know it's still home,i mean it's not exactly how i left it, it's like your own personal museum , or your family albums archives right there in front of you . i miss those days . how the hallway to the kitchen was always long and all of us used to run around freely,when we have nothing to lose ,not a single shed of problems running down our necks, when we don't need anything but each other . how times flies like a jet. now, my cousin,who contribute a lot during our playfull years,is going to get engage soon and he's the youngest in his family . i feel older, sheesh..i am older . like an old soul, stuck in this chest .whereas, my jouney is still long and unwritten, yet .

the famous pokok mangga, yg byk kerengga
the hallway,it uses to be long and wide .

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri!!!

Today's class was dull as usual, lesser people came , both outsiders and the asrama students . Suprisingly, people greeted me with "Selamat Hari Raya , Maaf Zahir Batin" as if they know me . I know that it's a good thing, but some of them barely recognised me as a student here, whatever the reason is , i'll just play along, it is fun . Civl Eng was bearable, Eng Drawng was no fun, Agama was pleasing(spent time by chatting with Ustazah) , Modrn Math was confusing(we finishd the last chapter, yay!) and finally, Addmath was easy for the first time . The best part of the day was, since i performedmy zuhur early , i get to witness all the asrama students hustle around with their backpacks ready to go home, exchanged raya cards, etc,etc . As a bonus, the administrators played all the raya songs like , Hail Amir and Uji Rashid's Seloka Hari Raya,M.Nasir's Satu Hari Di Hari Raya, Sudirman's Dari Jauh Ku Pohon Maaf and others, so the whole building echoed with raya songs ,that,really touched me . All the way back to the canteen(where my backpack was) i wore a big smile and chuckled all by myself thinking about the situation we're all having . Heehee, i still can't stop smiling! I spent most of my waiting time, watching the students goes by,some were running ,some on their way to get on the school bus . Only now, i felt the raya spirit, finally! Thanks for taking your time by reading this awfull blog of mine , forgive me for all of my wrong doings and Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

today's chemistry was awsome but very , very , very exhausting . we we're running as if there's a sale up to 90% . we had to do six different experiments in two periods . problem arises one after another . first there was the lack of beaker , then the generator (that has similar looks of an old radio) wasn't working , then the voltmeter we're playing tricks on us (basically ,not working too) . okay ,enough of that . oh , the asrama students(mainly form4) had a some sort of food poisoning and the best part is , the teachers won't bring them to go to the clinic , unless you've already wentto the famous toilet more than 7 times ! or your's were really critical , i.e you've accidently let 'it' out in your pants . such a tragic thing that happend to the poor asrama students . oh well, some of them managed to come back home earlier than expected to be , just now . while others who are still healthy enough(or just lucky,you never know) had to stick to the schedule . hurmm..somehow , i think , Sir Shah(my history teacher who is famous for his youthness) was right .i don't feel the excitement , anticipation, that celebration feeling that i used to feel in the past years for this ramadhan and eid mubarak . i mean , i do, it comes and goes , it just doesn't stick like before . i wish it would last , longer than i should be, i really do .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

las,last friday

this is the students of 4 kej awam 2 . it's our history class with Sir Shah , the history teacher .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

germs and jems, ick .

so, i slept like about an hour and a half last night and i'm still freakin sleepy . i was in bed quite early(i think) and afterminutes of struggle , i decided to read a book about self motivation but eventually change to harry potter(it's the closest)that motivation book was good, but i got bored , usually when people get bored they get sleepy right?(pick that up somewhere) it's v. frustrating when the more you get bored the more you can't sleep . i , myself don't understand whyi couldn bring myself to go to sleep when it is the only thing i'm v. good at . minutes turns to hours and to two hoursand finally three and a half . which was exactly three and a half in the morning when my eyes finally give in got tired . i'm definately going to get up as early as five to sahur (ibu would make me anyway) . and oh, it's school day(already?!)gosh , i wish i don't have to sleep like the cullens . that almost crack me up , almost .

back from the learning institution ,

i think people nowadays are so untrustworthy that they have to make funny little blue cards just to make sure that we , the students doesn't cheat solat . geez , it felt like using punched card except that it takes place in a surau . oh , how the world kept amuse me . it was raining and foggy all day , so like everyone else . most of the teachers were MIA and some of the asrama students didn't even bother coming back ! it's friggin cold , which turn out to be such a blessing since it's ramadhan .

Thursday, August 27, 2009


what's wrong people with kain batik? i mean , they're awesome , yes they're quite kampong , nevertheless, i just love them. i'd prefer wearing 'em over short trousers . somehow, it makes me feel grounded and malay . people saw me wearing them , and they sort of laugh . just so you know, i don't care much, i mean whatever . different people have their own opinion about stuff . in this situation , kain batik is ridiculously comforting to me , and i think a lot of people should try wearing them , not just at their own kampong , try wearing them at home(where else can you wear it?) yes , you'll sort of feel silly at start , but you'll find it very comforting , if you just try and really try , let you're heart accept it , somehow. kain batik is part of our ancestor's legacy , if we don't continue it , who will? in fact , im wearing one right now .

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hello ??? tak nampak ke aku kat sini???

ada cerita nie . kisah ini brlaku jam 12:45, ptg rabu . ad lh satu kelas hendk ke bilik av . lalu mereke brjalan menyusuri kelas awam 3 . maka, ada lh tercipta satu hamba Allah yg pada masa itu , leka brjalan msk ke kelas awam 3 itu . rakan2 nya hairan dgn tindakan yg agak2 kurang bernas itu . mereka pun buatlh ekspressi muka hairan . hamba Allah nie tersentap dari jalanan leka nya itu . dengan sangkaan yg konpiden betul kelas itu kosong muncullah lembaga . "kamu tak nampak ke saya kat sini?" kata suara yg asalnya di tmpt duduk depan whiteboard . hamba Allah yg tak tahu malu itu tersengih dan berkata "eh , ada cikgu rupanya .."(betapa bangangnyee budak nie) lalu dia teruskn prjalan tanpa segan silu (pada hal kat dlm tengah malu thap mega) kesimpulannya jangan lh kamu yg mungkin tgh terbaca blog nie , berjalan dgn leka . mungkin tiada apa yg akan trjadi .mungkin kamu akan jatuh longkang dan lalu patah siku, patah kaki, patah lengan . mungkin seekor lalat akan terhempas ke muka , lalu kamu tertelan kn ia . atau mungkin kamu akan menjadi spt hamba Allah yg di-mention kn ini . kamu mungkin rasakn bende nie biasa aje , tetapi , bilamasanye tiba,maka rasakanlh betapa malunye msk kelas org laen , yg hanya ada seorg guru , yg sedang menunggu pelajar kelas trsebut , yg dimana kamu selambe badak aje msk dari belakang dn kluar pintu depan tanpa mmberi salam . rasakanlah!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

jee ai jow

it's ramadhan this saturday! oh yeah! i could feel the excitement that's coming . plus the guys at school already sang sudirman's dari jauh ku pohon maaf . frustrating yet it's the nearest cheap entertaiment you can get in this jungle . so, bear with it . we are going to have the whole week onto ourselves . somehow i don't think it's such a great idea . unless you're a terrrific student that doesn't need tutoring , or didn't constantly fell asleep during class. i don't do those stuff nowadays .but i still feel left behind . better work hard on studying . yeah , that's it . oh , and it's raining season , so puasa wouldn't feel a thing ,with all the cold and wetness . i hope .

Monday, August 17, 2009

the dream

"cause even when i dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do i still miss you baby and i don't wanna miss a thing" -aerosmith .

greettings planet earth. is it weirdly odd and oddly weird to dream about someone you missed so damn much .i think not, why? because i kept dreaming about hugging my dear best friend the moment i saw her . it wasn't the same place or situation , just my reaction towards her . which is hugging her tightly . everytime i did that im either crying or continue what i was doing . if im lucky enough , i'll get to meet my other best friend (in that pathethic dream of mine). speaking of dreams . one school day i woke up quite early(can't rememmber when but im pretty sure it's early) and decided to continue sleeping for the next 5 minutes . miraculously, my brain played this dream of me waking up in the same position at 7:15 am, and i was feaking out ! thus , i woke up in fear of being late and start my morning routine . and im still early , alhamdulillah . lesson learnt.
i was quite observant the past few weeks ( which was odd because im a day dreamer, i don't obsereve much) lately, people are simultaneously moving or berhijrah from either myspace, friendster, to blogspot . i used to think blogging is not so popular and rarely people do so , and now i am wrong . im starting to get the idea of blogging is not exclusive as it seems (at least it was) do you think i should quit this thing ?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


writng a post . nope,nope..typing a post . that's more realistic . i cn't conjure any interesting words these days. n i kept saying the word 'conjure' a lot . odd . a lot of stuff are running through my little brain . stuff like ibu and abah are going to Johor tonight (my bro's convo ) , i still don't know hw am i supposed to go home from school tomorrow . there's a massive chance that there's gonna be a 'sekolah ganti' the day aftr tomorrow . i haven't recite surah Luqman to my ustzh and she's threathening us that if we didn't recite it fast, she's going to give us the 'telur ayam' . my class (4AwamII) still haven't done our levelling amali plus our civil eng teacher is quite sensitive . i failed two awesome subjects , sucks . and now , im worried about something , i have no idea of what it is . i hope it's nothing .

Friday, July 24, 2009

it's friday again .

just finishd LK test . goodness, it was harsh . there's only four questn thou . four deadly question . no lah, im just exaggerating . im one of the luckiest to evr finished in time . some form 5 dude was cursing LK the whole way to the canteen . i think i saw him crying , poor bloke . time really envy us .

Saturday, July 11, 2009

remember xylem ?

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag people you want. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : nurul nadirah

2. A four letter word : nice!

3. A boy's name : nazmi kowt..

4. A girl's name : noor . ;DD

5. An occupation : nelayan . cool huh ? ;D

6. A color : navajowhite , look it up !

7. Something you'll wear : name tag

8. A food : nasi lemak

9. Something found in the bathroom : nail clipper

10. A place : New Zealand , hah!

11. A reason for being late : No lah! ur the one who turned up early .

12. Something you'd shout : nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

13. A movie title : new moon!!

14. Something you drink : nenas juice

15. A musical group : nidji

16. An animal : nuri , burung nuri .

17. A street name : northwood ave

18. A type of car : nissan

19. Title of a song : negaraku

it tag ; ibu! *if u cme across my page lah,,*
pka chan!
''_ _ _ ayesha _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _''
mira , budak AB tuh,,
mira J .
wan frh amrh
kak bunge!
n to those whoevr , whoevr . ;DD

Friday, July 10, 2009

especially for you , sharina

the title was about this post kay , nothing more .

yestrday , sumone gave me sumthing , more thn she think is ordinary.she gve me a present , which gve me a feeling . a feeling i rarely felt for so, ultimately long . im touched, by a friend .

the present was simple , but she sacrificed her time making it beautiful .wraps it nicely yet , she humbly speaks ; sorry lh hadiah xseberapa, balut tak cantek , etc etc . i carefully tear it up , inch by inch , thinking ; all this hardwork just for me? i mean , who am i to hve such things . surely , i am trully lucky to hve a friend , such like you .

sahabat yg sangat sangat menyayangimu ,

nurul nadirah shaharudin .

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

aduhai , chemist


kat sekolah , f5 yg cemerlng n lulus dpt KLS dgn KLC *jeles sunggoh*time chemist , sume tak siap chaptr 3 yg tersgt best tuh , ape lagi ,mendongak aje lh . chemist last period, so cegu ugut*konon nye laa*nk tahan selagi tak antr module , ade pulak si mamat nie, time tuh cegutgh wat statement pastu dy plak tgh brckp kat belakang so cegu surhulang ape yg dperkatakn , dia dgn konpiden setinggi langit nya ,brkata

encik poyous ; bawak balek asrama, pastu siapkn , esk antar .
cegu terhormat ; hm..mane ade sye ckp mcm tuh .
cegu terhormat ; ok , since n**** ckp mcm tuh. esk antar .
reaksi kelas ; ah , sudah...
reaksi kelas ; no cegu , nooooo.....
reaksi kelas ; tak bole! tak bole! cannot cegu! mlm nie ad tusyen KA(kej awam)
cegu terhormat ; mane sye tau , dh dia*encik poyous* yg ckp .

dn bunyi seterus nye umpama lalat atau lebah atau nymuk d seblah telinga . siapa lh yg nk ajar chemist . tibe2 saket kepala dtg balek .dh tak bole fokus . mata berat , otak lgi berat . tdo lh dgn hw yg makin menggunung .* kpd f3 , jgn tiru aksi ini , ia sgt mbahayakn*

+KLS - kump lulus sempurna
+KLC -kump lulus cemerlang

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson .

as the word spreads to east, west, north, south, from the lowest of sea level , to the sky above (it was pretty much raining frm where i was standing) his death truly give a massive impact to the world . i mean , i grew up listening to his music . so , yeah, im a fan of the late michael jackson . i still remembered, i thought he was a she the first time i saw him on tv (milky white-skin, soft -like voice,and so darn thin!) i even thought Cher was a guy! but then i saw her boobs , suprisedly i said ''ooh, she hve those..'' funny how my eyes used to work back then . the radio station kept on playing his songs as a tribute to his death . he was supposed to do his last concert(which ticket sold out in just hours) anyhow . as a fan , ile keep on singing his songs, even if the words doesn't fit .

Sunday, June 21, 2009

i gave him a card, he gave me a lesson .

it's father's day again . as usual , abah was being cool about it . he's like '' big deal..'' oh well . a week bfore, ma-ken and i bought a card because we're pretty sure we're not gonna hve time to buy it in short notice . he thank us this morning . we planned to spend the day at alamanda , but ma-ken fell sick and since ibu said that all we need was grocery , ibu n abah went to giant instead . that afternoon, i volunteered to wash the car. abah took the opportunity to teach me the right way of washing cars . and so we spent the whole afternoon together . oh, i get the honours of finishing the work , i think . happy father's day abah!

Friday, June 19, 2009

ayat ..

in honour of my dearest sahabat , as she has grown to a fine young lady she is today .

happy belated birthday amirah hamizah .

1. How old are you?
fifteen , going on sixteen .

2. Are you single?
hell yeah .

3. At what age do you think you’ll get married?
im not sure . when it's time .

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?
who am i with? exactly , i dun think so .

5. If not, who do you want to marry?
that's a funny question .

6. Who will be your bridesmaid or your best man?
someone close

7. Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
akd nikah sudah . no need to bersanding lah..

8. Where do you plan to go for honeymoon?

9. How many guest do you think you’ll invite?
45 .

10. Will that include your exes?

11. How many layers of cake do you want?
one big layer . just enough for evryone

12. When do you want to get married? Morning or evening?
morning is better .

13. Name the song/tune you would like to play at your wedding?
-everything by michael buble
-la vie en rose by edith piaf
-when will i see ur face again by jamie scott and the town
-more than words by extreme

byk laa..

14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon/fork/ knife?
id prefer fine dining . ahahaa. but it's okay to use ur hands , i noe i would..

15.Champagne or red wine?
sky juice . ;D

16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
after .

17. Money or household items?
money ! ;D

18. How many kids would you like to have?
im not sure .

19. Will your record your honeymoon in DVD and CD?
heck no!

20. I want to know their wedding plans:
kamal adli . ;D

whoevr . k?

Monday, June 8, 2009

tag this .

30 random question of what d'you think

-when you hear "malaysia"?
food , what else could we think about .

-about music nowadays?
have the word 'indie' written all over it.

-about men these days?
hard to find. if found , he's either gay or married. *pick that up sumwhere*

-interest you at heart ?
books , generally reader's digest , most r books that touches the heart of oneself .

-when you're at school?
going home. ahhh..home sweet home..

-about friends?
priceless possession . hey, im a friend, does that means im priceless ?

-about myspace?
boring. i own one, thou.

-about iPod's?
never had one. what's the function anyway?

-about DSLR cameras?
getting cheaper. it's too common still cool thou

-about nasi lemak n teh tarik?
the best sunday morning.

-about cars?
i like them.but it's bettr to ride a bike. cheaper, saves enviroment.

-about homework?
i wish i could stop time n finish them during school days.

-about trees?
MP Sepang should plant more gigantic trees throughout the area not a thin tree with two sticks to stand .it barely gives off a shade! it's freakin hot man! . *oh, i love trees*

-about further studies?
exspensive . bettr save money fast!

-about boys?
didn't you just askd that queston?

-about poise?
i don't have that in me , i wish i do .sheesh.

-about the internet?
amazing! dangerous , but amazing.

-about french people?
i wish i cn understand their language, just like understanding ibu n nenek's fluently speaking javanese in front of me . *jealous*

-about ladies's PMS's?
hurt me a lot. made me cry loads of times.i hate it's doings.

-about emily dickinson?
poetry . sadly she nevr married .

-about shakespear?
romeo and juliet. i chose to imagine him as handsome-grief-looking, rather than bald

-about stephanie meyer's books?
ADDICTED to it. OBSESSED etc.etc.

-about make-up?
frankly, i don't do

-about coffee?
they're like a higher grade than milo.

-about fashion?
gettin old fashion. 'vintage' they say.

-about home?
m'sia.kuala lumpur.dato' keramat.ulu klang.pasar seni. kg barubbst .sepang. bayan baru, penang. subang jaya.tmn melawati.

-about radio station?
i listen to mix.then fly.then hot.then lite. then opus.

-about the ocean?
i love it's beauty, it's coolness, masyaAllah . i cn't swim .

-about being sincere?
it's a MUST. if you're not sincere,with all your heart, things could go wrong.

-about love?
love is cinta.cinta is sayang.sayang is love.

*who do you wish to tag?*
miza. wajib miza, wajib.
alia. please..please..
kak bunga. kalau dia bce..
sharina. kalau dia bce.
pka . if she reads.
mira jalal . if she reads.
mira bdk form 3 .kalau dia baca.
kak ayesha . if she reads .
whoever that come across this page .please do.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

28.90 sen.

itu bajet ku . timetime nie lh di timpa kriris wang. setelah proses cari-gali-laci , takat tuh aje yg wujud. ouh sadis. tgk hm , giler best .jln citer seumpama biasa , tp yg best bile ia mngajar tentang kehidupan .

yay! miza belanja mkn !!

umm.. bdk nie..umm..

selesai urusan , maka keluarlh tggu abah . msg msg , tak bls . msg ibu , kata ibu, abah ngorok , nnt ibu kejut kn . abah pun tepon , kata abah solat dulu ,baru ambek oke? maka, tunggu lh d situ
smpai berapa berapa , dtg lh abah bersama ibu di sebelah . cepat masa berlalu .
one week left in la-la-land .

Saturday, May 30, 2009

gettin loony on saturday.

funny how i used to feel the need of playing the playstation on a saturday night . now i just want to do my homework . pity on playstation . i'd imagine my hols would be esctatic , fun , adventurous, swell,wonderfull etc.etc. oh, what do you get from hugs and kisses? i get to do chores for the day. not of the day . fantastic isn't it . my bulky, big , beary,bouncer like brothers, don't do chores, yet they went out like the world are their's. what a life .


Monday, May 25, 2009

text etc.etc.

assalamualaikum n evening.or wutevr.

my best friend turn 6teen last tuesdy. she invited me 2 her party ths aftrnoon *satrday*. n her name is ...nur fara shahiera faizul!!! ive finallybeen given chance 2 meet ths girl. god noes hw looong hve i waitd 2 see her again . alhamdulillah. doa termakbul. oh! n i met new people. the cute alia , funny-silent eyza, n sweet-looking keyrin .they'r all from putrajaya school dat fara attend.since she moved frm the*well-known*bbst. it was akward yet fun party. took a lot of pic. i cn't help but looking as dumb as cork . at least dats hw i pictured myself jst nw.*ya thnk so?*anyway. im gald to see her. it's both envious n pleasing to see her again . envy, probably bcause she's so happy n i dun noe a word shes talking . pleasing, to listen her chatterbox mouth . her bursting with laughtr . n hw fun it was 2 be around her. evn if u dun get 2 share inside jokes with her again. oh well, im happy if shes happy . happy?God, i miss my best friend.way.way.waayy lot.

makan makan .

gelak gelak

ths is the one who trn 6teen on 19th may*oficially*

my first attempt in taking their pic

Friday, May 22, 2009

omit .

assalamualaikum .

kpd subjk addmath .

sye mintk maaf ats tindkn sye yg melukakn hati awk. maaf sye xdpt jwb solan awk . ade laa yg sye xterjwb *malu..* meski sye uda cuba sedaya-daya upaya sye utk mnjwb soalan itu. tpi otak sye xrespond bile smpai soaln alpha beta . mahupn , ade stu solan quadratic fnction . sye ingn awk tau bahwa sye dsini sedih lagi malu lgi meraung raung . dn meraung lgi . dn meraungraung raung . smpai ma-ken dtg dn surh sye senyap . maaf kn sye ...

*ini surat fiksyen tau..*

Thursday, May 7, 2009

yestrday was ibu's day off,soo...abah,ibu,ma-ken n me went jln2 laa .

salam . um..lapar balek ar..

amende ntah dpanggil nye .

abh looks cute ;DD

ma-ken n me .

ibu kuh syg!!!
12.30 abah jempt kat sekola.then ,ibu askd if i wnt 2 join them for shopping at ikea(at first). i enventuallly give in whn ibu convince me that i would probbly doze off(instead off finishn my stacks o hw) i slept the whole journey 2 ikea(refreshing!) our first destination was popular bookstore. ibu wnts 2 buy the 100 most beautiful places guide book or sumting like dat.n ma-ken wnts 2 find her jane eyre book(tak jmpe punn) i just stroll around , hoping 2 find sumting dat interst me(nothng) .we finish dat n went straight 2 the curve.i wndr why the called it the curve(nothing curvy there) thou they did put some handy computers(the keyboard's missing a button) at the entrance 4 customr guide' n ma-ken went to borders, ibu n abah went sumwhere i culdn remmbr. ive finally found a book dat caught my eyes, while ma-ken ..well i dunno wat she was doing at dat time.and then we went to ikea ! i was detemined to find dat perticular light bulb for my table lamp.ibu bought those fancy napkins dat they sell there. finally,we had our dinner at Dome's. ibu made me order a Lot burger(eventually switched wit ma-ken cause hers were spicy linguini). abah had fun just watching his wife n 2 daughters having fun.haha. ;))

Thursday, April 30, 2009

takde tajuk.

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

dh lme tak sentuh belog nie.
ntah sape lh bce kn.
belum tentu org nak bce.
ntah-ntah tak mau bce pn.
terbaca aja .
situasa yg dialami sekarang.
aku ibarat memikul beban yg berat.
aku naek tangga.
hampr smpai ke puncak.
aku dtolak.
then,...aku jatuh laa ape lgi kn.
jatuh tersungkr lh aku.
sekarang kene naek balek.
penaat laaa...
nie luahan perasaan aja.
tak perlu layan pun.

lutut longgar laa .

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

smkbbst The Best of The Best .

assalamualaikum .

dengan ini sye mengumumkn..alhamdulillah , smk bbst masih kekal juara choral spekaing !!!!!! oh yeah!!!! wah! woo! wee! sume nak d sebut nyee . nak aje tangan nie telepon korang2 sume , nak ckp congrats . tapi , alngkah malang nyee pabila kredit berbisik dlm nada wanita cantek , kredit anda rm 0.89 . tapi , bonus sms byk pulak . itu laa . mereka2 nie ..sume tuka num laen , tak kee memang num laen . cube buat sume dlm satu cawangan aje , kn mudah gitu ? ikut hati , mau aja letak dlm surat khabar "UCAPANSETINGGI - TINGGI TAHNIAH "..mcm bagi ucapn kat najib tuu . ade yg sampai pat helai gmbr nyee . byk duit , bole laa . sayu pulak hati nie . wajar kee tindakn aku ini ? adoiii . . .keraguan nie xpatut ada dlm diri nie , boleh pulak timbul . suke ati die ajee kn . apapun yg terjadi , sye masih berbangga sebagai warga smk bbst . walaupn zahir nyee sye nie bdk teknik .

terkilan xdpt jadi wakil smk bbst lagi .

Monday, April 13, 2009

kurang asem punye ma-ken .

para pembaca , itu lh tajuk sye ari nie . ade ke senin itu ari (yg hujan gilergiler tuu) . oke sebelum tuu ade lh insiden kasut basah dikndung air , perah air stoking(bushukk) . baek , ma-ken tengah tito , waktu dh dekat jam enam . sye punn kejut kn lh dia . sye dtg dekat , sye tonyoh2 muke dia(jgn tiru aksi ini ) pastu dia punn sadar . pastu dia marah nyee sye yg tak bersalah habes-habesan nie ...oke lh , mungkn kaedah mengejut org tido tadi kurang menepati skema cara mengejut org tido yg sepatut nyee . aish.. belum habes lagi , lepas aje sye nie gantung bju(baju basah kene ujan) ma-ken pegi ambush sye dari belakang pintu setor . mau nye terkejut sye nie..rupa nya dia kene bawe naek vakum(abah nak gune) mula nyee abah panggil sye (katanyee lh..) sempat lagi dia nyuruh sye bwk naek vakum tuu.. sye kata "nooo way joze maken!!!" hmmp! maken dtg dekat dn terus genggam lengan , cekikcekik sye nie (bukan lh brutal sgt..) konklusi nyee , ma-ken bwk jugee vakum tuu naek . ahahahaha . . .saket tau kene pukul adek sendri . sebenar nyee bdk nie baek . .

tak sabar nak hari rabu .

Saturday, April 4, 2009

ganmbar nursharina..

sharina got style..haha..

petang jumaat, indah .

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

hmm..apa yee, oh ye , jumaat . akhirnya! esk nyee tiada sekola..oh yeah! haha..ngarut betul , tp sesungguhnya diri ini tersgt lh lega tiap kali hari jumaat ptg tiba . walaupn telah di-cop sbg 'outsider' oleh warga septechs , sye tersgt lh bersyukur karna, tiap kali abes sekola, sye dpt pulang ke rumah . kalu dulu..mcm mane lame pun kat sekola bbst tiada heran . mungkn memakn masa utk menerima septechs as a second home .till then , berserah aje laa..

jumaat petang semlm , alhamdulillah .doa ku termakbul .wohoo!!! gumbira teramat sangat pabila akhirnya setelah sebulan , 7 hari , 5 jam kte berpisah, sye dpt jmpe amirah shahirah!!! mesej nye berbunyi(???) begini ;

nurulnadirah. r u at skool?

amirahshahirah. ya y?

nurulnadirah. outside?

amirahshahirah. yup. at foyer . y???

nurulnadirah . look whos at da gate

insiden reunion kitorang sunggoh romantis(bagiku laa). lantas, amirah berlari-lari anak menuju ke main entrance smk bbst . amirah pelukku dgn erat , sye jugee.. yayyay.. dpt jmpe besfren.dpt jmpe besfren . kami bercakapcakap . dn terus bercakap . sekelip mata , amirah kene pulang , skali lagi kami berpeluk erat . mcm xnk lepas aje pelukn's okay i guess. knowing dat we'll c each other soon enough . i wish for sooner. but, if i cn wait dat long before , im pretty sure i cn wait again . pastu pergi smbg (berdating) dgn sharina kat pdg tmn dahlia fasa tiga(kalu x silap)..tuptup mcm nk ujan . pastu kene balek . naek bukit mawar. kayuh bskl pencen . handle dy asyik goyang . asyiikkk.. few minutes from home , ujan turun membasahi bumi , sye xterkecuali . tp cuaca masih panas . adakah itu hujan panas? hujan+panas. entah laa..
yg pasti , insiden ptg jumaat , it's worth gettin' soaked up for .

mlm itu sye bersin umpama tembakan mesin gan . best ..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

amirah hamizah punyee!!!

seperti yg di janjikn . tu aja .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

jalanjalan petang ...

miza cuba mbuka kunci basikal yg baru dbeli.

miza dan shepa.

ape ntah ,,


prasan tidak? gmbr miza msti sparuh badan pastu constant aja riak wajah nyee . sbb dia yg tangkap pic tuu . kecuali pic paling atas laa .

Saturday, March 14, 2009

manchester and liverpool .

it was totaly awesome! torres was great, reina was great, gerrard..he's okay . no offense, but we culd get 5:1 just nw . but, i guess it's okay since we're leading . it was unexpected, to me thou, i thought the devils gonna crushed em' off like they always do . ferguson was so pissed off . he does looks like he's gonna blow up anytime(merah jee..) . they were close..but they missed . poor them actually, it is they're homeground; old trafford . at first, i culdn really concentrate because abah kept flipping chanels between AF and espn . it was hard . alast, i manage to get hold of the remote (ibu was quite pissed, but i kept reminding her about the AF re-run) i don't really get to watch football evryday ya noe . hot head rooney n ronaldo did try to score at the second half, reina was too good for them . still, i don't think the devils did their best today . but, i am greatful for what happened .

the devils still leading, actually .

Friday, March 13, 2009

short break . really short..

assalamualaikum wbt .

it's friday today . meaning , its going 2 be a long week starting tomorrow . wrong! it's going to be short and undeniable . especially for the asrama students, poor them . let's jst hope it's not wasted with crappy stuff n a pile of undone homeworks . jst read kak ayesha's blog, the whole page filled wit great advices for a lazy student like me . for those who knew, i live nxt door 2 the amazing add math teachr . yea..but nvr once i went tuition there. why? please don't ask me that famous question . i, myself donno whaaat's the answer . ;P

nevr had it crossed my mind , the thought of learning at a school like Teknik Sepang . it's quite peaceful here , a situation that rarely occurs in a school( it felt weirdly soothing) . there's a lot of facilities like drawing room , computer lab ( with lost of pc) , tennis court ,botanic garden , etc etc . what bothers me thou, there's no public phone for the use of outsiders (why..oh why..) . there is one actually , it's at the aspuri (if im not mistaken) . it has nice sets of stairs ,nice brick red walls ( adore looking at the walls) . this school sure is good looking . not much to say now . im still new anyway .

thoughts of a freshmen .

Sunday, March 1, 2009

tag from miza . . .

iyaiya miza . . . uda gue jawab tag kamu yyaaa ...

follow the instruction :
1)go to ur photo folder in ur pc
2)go to the 6th folder of photos
3)go to the 6th pix of the folder
4)put the 6th pix on ur blog n description of it
5)invite 6 friends to join it

diyan !

gambar ini jelas keliatan saorang bdk kacamata sadang menyandarr pd bahu sasaorg gitu .
yaaa..saya lh sasaorang itu . nama nyaa bdk ini , diyanna . saya panggil kn diyan . saat itu , kami sadang istirahat karena uda capek berkawad . =P

ummm..terus terang . im absabloodyloutely dunno hw to show dat dis is the sixth photo in me folder . haiyooo . . percaya saja laa yee . . .


siPolansiPolan yg teringin . booWhat laa . . .

sejauh jiwa merantau . apee laa yg diBebel aku ...

Monday, February 23, 2009

tag dari nursharina .

sye baruu sadar bahwa sye di 'tag' sharina . tag nie berkaitan dengan romantic movies . ingatingat lupa laaarr . . .

Please copy the following rules in your post:

1. You have to point out 5 romantic movies that you would love to share with your loved ones..
2. It doesn't have to be in order.. as long as you love the movies, it will be fine..
3. You have to tag another 5 person to answer this tag

my girl and i .

p.s. i love you . sye sukeeeee .

i like sumting to do with action en bullets and ratatatatatatatatatat . yeah i dunno wat lah .

two hundred pounds beauty .

and lastly , kate and leopold . oke .
ini kali sye ammat baek . i don't wnt to tag anyone at all . siapesiape yg naak . feel free to do so .

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tag from miza , whose tag frm alie , whose tag frm .. who noes whose .


Miza , ibu , dan pka .


the strokes - you only live once .


cari fasal dgn ma-ken . cepatcepat tido .


miza , shefa en thaqifah . jalanjalan kat seroja punn . kat taman .


biru cairr . naa tido jee pun .


bce belog amirah hamizah .


bantal peluk . set tangan . paper kosmo!


putih .


sye taa gune kn wallet sgt . hmm . . sye kurang pasti .

10 . HOW'S LIFE?

been vry challenging lately . ;(


hmm . . .banyak nyee taa terkira . ;DD


melangkah masuk ke smt sepang . jiwa goyah .


baruuu tadi .


downstairs . making sandwiches .


just nw . apee punye solan ntah .


miza - yul . ;DD


di rumah sye .


miza jdi keluar dgn sye . mula nyee miza ad silat kat sekola . tp tara jadi . yay!



tmpt duduk amni kat makmal .


haaa . . .


lega dpt jumpa miza ! naaaak sgt jmpe miza semalam .



siapa siapa yg teringin .


kadangkala ibu .kadangkala teman .


kebanyakan nyee laa . . .


malas naa marah org . penat tauu bile marah pd seseorang tuu .


fillet o' fish kuut .


semalam . naa tinggal kn temanteman di smkbbst .



dapat tido dgn tenang dlm mobil . lulus cemerlang SPM . taa mau fail ape2 . dpt jmpe
temanteman yg dirindui .

ermm . adakah ia wajib bg sye utk menge 'tag' org ? mcm kene jee .

sye tag , spe yg belum kene ; kak ayesha . nursharina . manemane hamba Allah yg teringin laa .

Friday, February 20, 2009

kisah kita masih panjang .

antara sahabat yang sye rindu . takdir itu tricky . . . kte bejumpa bile kita di takdirkan berjumpa .

amirah hamizah . kau seorang yang unik lagi hebat . sayang kamu!

nurshafiqah azhar . pencipta prosa kata sendiri . sayang kamu!

amirah shahirah . your two best friends aren't gone forever . just away for a while , love .
sayang kamu!

nursharina sharudin . terus bangkit untuk berjaya . sayang kamu!

nurdini syairah . jangan sekali kau putus asa . sayang kamu!

sharifah farah hidayah . teruskan berdakwah secara spontan . sayang kamu!

nordiyana . jangan rehat sorangsorang tauu . sayang kamu!

nur amalina nur zakri . ingat projek bulan tiga tuu . sayang kamu !

fadhlin mukhtarah . jangan biar diri ditindas . sayang kamu !

kisah kita masih panjang . ini cume antara chapter yg korang kene nanges jee .

ngokngek nukilan ku .