Saturday, January 10, 2009

friends .

the thought of my beloved friends leaving me , here in smk bbst doesn't bother me, at all first . ive prepared myself at the very beginning be strong , patience , about evrything might not be the same again ..ever .

this morning ..

it's mesyuarat agung koko ! like always , we were to register ourselves..again , to the society club we chose to enter . yadayadayada . drama , oritary and scrabble club, teachr chelvi said , form 4 students were not to be elected for any post , cause.. we(excluding me) were expected to be shipped off to boarding school early february , dat didn't really gve any effect ..not yet . aftr we went to ''salam'' the teachrs.., teachr chelvi said ''these two(amalina n amirah) i noe , they'r going to leave ths school , ofcourse '' . now dat hit me hard.. hard enough to realize im gonna be alone . dats gonna sucks .

as if getting kicked out of ST 1 isn't bad enough??? ''Allah sedang menguji.." dats what ive been telling myself . now , my soul feels like a fragile piece of glass , on the edge of the table , waiting to be dropped . mybe i was just exaggerating . it's not a big deal rite? it's not like they'r going for good . part of me blame myself for not studying harder , and if i just get excellent results like them , dat would increase the precentage to be accepted for boarding school , i wouldn feel so bad about the whole thing . i envy them . i love them . im definiately gonna miss them .. so damn much .

plus..aftr hearing scarry stories about teachr suraya physics class , about hw she question they'r math and science results , im terrified..really terrified . but .. kak ayesha said ''kalau dpt pn suraya ni best lh''..dats hw she put it , i think . but .. kak ayesha's an amazing person , she knows what she's talking about . mybe dats just hw pn suraya teach . in a very great and cool way in kak ayesha's eyes , in a very cold and suffering way in others . change ur perspective people . like what all the teachrs would say - form 4 syllabus are way, way different frm what we learnt before . so , find a way to deal with it . in a fun fun way . ;)))

p/s ; sorry about the bad vocabulary .

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