Saturday, March 28, 2009

amirah hamizah punyee!!!

seperti yg di janjikn . tu aja .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

jalanjalan petang ...

miza cuba mbuka kunci basikal yg baru dbeli.

miza dan shepa.

ape ntah ,,


prasan tidak? gmbr miza msti sparuh badan pastu constant aja riak wajah nyee . sbb dia yg tangkap pic tuu . kecuali pic paling atas laa .

Saturday, March 14, 2009

manchester and liverpool .

it was totaly awesome! torres was great, reina was great, gerrard..he's okay . no offense, but we culd get 5:1 just nw . but, i guess it's okay since we're leading . it was unexpected, to me thou, i thought the devils gonna crushed em' off like they always do . ferguson was so pissed off . he does looks like he's gonna blow up anytime(merah jee..) . they were close..but they missed . poor them actually, it is they're homeground; old trafford . at first, i culdn really concentrate because abah kept flipping chanels between AF and espn . it was hard . alast, i manage to get hold of the remote (ibu was quite pissed, but i kept reminding her about the AF re-run) i don't really get to watch football evryday ya noe . hot head rooney n ronaldo did try to score at the second half, reina was too good for them . still, i don't think the devils did their best today . but, i am greatful for what happened .

the devils still leading, actually .

Friday, March 13, 2009

short break . really short..

assalamualaikum wbt .

it's friday today . meaning , its going 2 be a long week starting tomorrow . wrong! it's going to be short and undeniable . especially for the asrama students, poor them . let's jst hope it's not wasted with crappy stuff n a pile of undone homeworks . jst read kak ayesha's blog, the whole page filled wit great advices for a lazy student like me . for those who knew, i live nxt door 2 the amazing add math teachr . yea..but nvr once i went tuition there. why? please don't ask me that famous question . i, myself donno whaaat's the answer . ;P

nevr had it crossed my mind , the thought of learning at a school like Teknik Sepang . it's quite peaceful here , a situation that rarely occurs in a school( it felt weirdly soothing) . there's a lot of facilities like drawing room , computer lab ( with lost of pc) , tennis court ,botanic garden , etc etc . what bothers me thou, there's no public phone for the use of outsiders (why..oh why..) . there is one actually , it's at the aspuri (if im not mistaken) . it has nice sets of stairs ,nice brick red walls ( adore looking at the walls) . this school sure is good looking . not much to say now . im still new anyway .

thoughts of a freshmen .

Sunday, March 1, 2009

tag from miza . . .

iyaiya miza . . . uda gue jawab tag kamu yyaaa ...

follow the instruction :
1)go to ur photo folder in ur pc
2)go to the 6th folder of photos
3)go to the 6th pix of the folder
4)put the 6th pix on ur blog n description of it
5)invite 6 friends to join it

diyan !

gambar ini jelas keliatan saorang bdk kacamata sadang menyandarr pd bahu sasaorg gitu .
yaaa..saya lh sasaorang itu . nama nyaa bdk ini , diyanna . saya panggil kn diyan . saat itu , kami sadang istirahat karena uda capek berkawad . =P

ummm..terus terang . im absabloodyloutely dunno hw to show dat dis is the sixth photo in me folder . haiyooo . . percaya saja laa yee . . .


siPolansiPolan yg teringin . booWhat laa . . .

sejauh jiwa merantau . apee laa yg diBebel aku ...