Saturday, March 14, 2009

manchester and liverpool .

it was totaly awesome! torres was great, reina was great, gerrard..he's okay . no offense, but we culd get 5:1 just nw . but, i guess it's okay since we're leading . it was unexpected, to me thou, i thought the devils gonna crushed em' off like they always do . ferguson was so pissed off . he does looks like he's gonna blow up anytime(merah jee..) . they were close..but they missed . poor them actually, it is they're homeground; old trafford . at first, i culdn really concentrate because abah kept flipping chanels between AF and espn . it was hard . alast, i manage to get hold of the remote (ibu was quite pissed, but i kept reminding her about the AF re-run) i don't really get to watch football evryday ya noe . hot head rooney n ronaldo did try to score at the second half, reina was too good for them . still, i don't think the devils did their best today . but, i am greatful for what happened .

the devils still leading, actually .