Friday, March 13, 2009

short break . really short..

assalamualaikum wbt .

it's friday today . meaning , its going 2 be a long week starting tomorrow . wrong! it's going to be short and undeniable . especially for the asrama students, poor them . let's jst hope it's not wasted with crappy stuff n a pile of undone homeworks . jst read kak ayesha's blog, the whole page filled wit great advices for a lazy student like me . for those who knew, i live nxt door 2 the amazing add math teachr . yea..but nvr once i went tuition there. why? please don't ask me that famous question . i, myself donno whaaat's the answer . ;P

nevr had it crossed my mind , the thought of learning at a school like Teknik Sepang . it's quite peaceful here , a situation that rarely occurs in a school( it felt weirdly soothing) . there's a lot of facilities like drawing room , computer lab ( with lost of pc) , tennis court ,botanic garden , etc etc . what bothers me thou, there's no public phone for the use of outsiders (why..oh why..) . there is one actually , it's at the aspuri (if im not mistaken) . it has nice sets of stairs ,nice brick red walls ( adore looking at the walls) . this school sure is good looking . not much to say now . im still new anyway .

thoughts of a freshmen .


  1. wei!
    public phone tuh ade kew x?!

  2. aduhhh sadis btol.
    ptot lah kwn aku xdpt cntct aku.
    bapak sedih wei.