Saturday, May 30, 2009

gettin loony on saturday.

funny how i used to feel the need of playing the playstation on a saturday night . now i just want to do my homework . pity on playstation . i'd imagine my hols would be esctatic , fun , adventurous, swell,wonderfull etc.etc. oh, what do you get from hugs and kisses? i get to do chores for the day. not of the day . fantastic isn't it . my bulky, big , beary,bouncer like brothers, don't do chores, yet they went out like the world are their's. what a life .


Monday, May 25, 2009

text etc.etc.

assalamualaikum n evening.or wutevr.

my best friend turn 6teen last tuesdy. she invited me 2 her party ths aftrnoon *satrday*. n her name is ...nur fara shahiera faizul!!! ive finallybeen given chance 2 meet ths girl. god noes hw looong hve i waitd 2 see her again . alhamdulillah. doa termakbul. oh! n i met new people. the cute alia , funny-silent eyza, n sweet-looking keyrin .they'r all from putrajaya school dat fara attend.since she moved frm the*well-known*bbst. it was akward yet fun party. took a lot of pic. i cn't help but looking as dumb as cork . at least dats hw i pictured myself jst nw.*ya thnk so?*anyway. im gald to see her. it's both envious n pleasing to see her again . envy, probably bcause she's so happy n i dun noe a word shes talking . pleasing, to listen her chatterbox mouth . her bursting with laughtr . n hw fun it was 2 be around her. evn if u dun get 2 share inside jokes with her again. oh well, im happy if shes happy . happy?God, i miss my best friend.way.way.waayy lot.

makan makan .

gelak gelak

ths is the one who trn 6teen on 19th may*oficially*

my first attempt in taking their pic

Friday, May 22, 2009

omit .

assalamualaikum .

kpd subjk addmath .

sye mintk maaf ats tindkn sye yg melukakn hati awk. maaf sye xdpt jwb solan awk . ade laa yg sye xterjwb *malu..* meski sye uda cuba sedaya-daya upaya sye utk mnjwb soalan itu. tpi otak sye xrespond bile smpai soaln alpha beta . mahupn , ade stu solan quadratic fnction . sye ingn awk tau bahwa sye dsini sedih lagi malu lgi meraung raung . dn meraung lgi . dn meraungraung raung . smpai ma-ken dtg dn surh sye senyap . maaf kn sye ...

*ini surat fiksyen tau..*

Thursday, May 7, 2009

yestrday was ibu's day off,soo...abah,ibu,ma-ken n me went jln2 laa .

salam . um..lapar balek ar..

amende ntah dpanggil nye .

abh looks cute ;DD

ma-ken n me .

ibu kuh syg!!!
12.30 abah jempt kat sekola.then ,ibu askd if i wnt 2 join them for shopping at ikea(at first). i enventuallly give in whn ibu convince me that i would probbly doze off(instead off finishn my stacks o hw) i slept the whole journey 2 ikea(refreshing!) our first destination was popular bookstore. ibu wnts 2 buy the 100 most beautiful places guide book or sumting like dat.n ma-ken wnts 2 find her jane eyre book(tak jmpe punn) i just stroll around , hoping 2 find sumting dat interst me(nothng) .we finish dat n went straight 2 the curve.i wndr why the called it the curve(nothing curvy there) thou they did put some handy computers(the keyboard's missing a button) at the entrance 4 customr guide' n ma-ken went to borders, ibu n abah went sumwhere i culdn remmbr. ive finally found a book dat caught my eyes, while ma-ken ..well i dunno wat she was doing at dat time.and then we went to ikea ! i was detemined to find dat perticular light bulb for my table lamp.ibu bought those fancy napkins dat they sell there. finally,we had our dinner at Dome's. ibu made me order a Lot burger(eventually switched wit ma-ken cause hers were spicy linguini). abah had fun just watching his wife n 2 daughters having fun.haha. ;))