Monday, May 25, 2009

text etc.etc.

assalamualaikum n evening.or wutevr.

my best friend turn 6teen last tuesdy. she invited me 2 her party ths aftrnoon *satrday*. n her name is ...nur fara shahiera faizul!!! ive finallybeen given chance 2 meet ths girl. god noes hw looong hve i waitd 2 see her again . alhamdulillah. doa termakbul. oh! n i met new people. the cute alia , funny-silent eyza, n sweet-looking keyrin .they'r all from putrajaya school dat fara attend.since she moved frm the*well-known*bbst. it was akward yet fun party. took a lot of pic. i cn't help but looking as dumb as cork . at least dats hw i pictured myself jst nw.*ya thnk so?*anyway. im gald to see her. it's both envious n pleasing to see her again . envy, probably bcause she's so happy n i dun noe a word shes talking . pleasing, to listen her chatterbox mouth . her bursting with laughtr . n hw fun it was 2 be around her. evn if u dun get 2 share inside jokes with her again. oh well, im happy if shes happy . happy?God, i miss my best friend.way.way.waayy lot.

makan makan .

gelak gelak

ths is the one who trn 6teen on 19th may*oficially*

my first attempt in taking their pic


  1. ohhh emmm geeeeehhhhh ,
    nad nad ,
    hodoh gile gmbr i !
    xnk xnk !
    alaaaaa :(
    hahah ,
    eyza ? silent ? hahahahahaah
    lawak la nad :P

  2. wat???
    kte tgk dy senyaapp aje.

  3. gambar pakai email aku..

  4. hey.i knoe that birthday girl la.