Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson .

as the word spreads to east, west, north, south, from the lowest of sea level , to the sky above (it was pretty much raining frm where i was standing) his death truly give a massive impact to the world . i mean , i grew up listening to his music . so , yeah, im a fan of the late michael jackson . i still remembered, i thought he was a she the first time i saw him on tv (milky white-skin, soft -like voice,and so darn thin!) i even thought Cher was a guy! but then i saw her boobs , suprisedly i said ''ooh, she hve those..'' funny how my eyes used to work back then . the radio station kept on playing his songs as a tribute to his death . he was supposed to do his last concert(which ticket sold out in just hours) anyhow . as a fan , ile keep on singing his songs, even if the words doesn't fit .


  1. michael jackson da meninggal ke??
    sebab ape??

  2. I know, it's kinda sad. The first thing that popped in my mind when I heard about his death, was, 'Dia kne tanam kat pkuburan Islam ke krsitian?' Hehe I know, jahat. But dia msuk Islam yea?

  3. syahirah azmi ;

    yeah..his family mcm undecided nk tnm cemana.
    i think dia msk Islam last year*correct me if im wrong*