Monday, June 8, 2009

tag this .

30 random question of what d'you think

-when you hear "malaysia"?
food , what else could we think about .

-about music nowadays?
have the word 'indie' written all over it.

-about men these days?
hard to find. if found , he's either gay or married. *pick that up sumwhere*

-interest you at heart ?
books , generally reader's digest , most r books that touches the heart of oneself .

-when you're at school?
going home. ahhh..home sweet home..

-about friends?
priceless possession . hey, im a friend, does that means im priceless ?

-about myspace?
boring. i own one, thou.

-about iPod's?
never had one. what's the function anyway?

-about DSLR cameras?
getting cheaper. it's too common still cool thou

-about nasi lemak n teh tarik?
the best sunday morning.

-about cars?
i like them.but it's bettr to ride a bike. cheaper, saves enviroment.

-about homework?
i wish i could stop time n finish them during school days.

-about trees?
MP Sepang should plant more gigantic trees throughout the area not a thin tree with two sticks to stand .it barely gives off a shade! it's freakin hot man! . *oh, i love trees*

-about further studies?
exspensive . bettr save money fast!

-about boys?
didn't you just askd that queston?

-about poise?
i don't have that in me , i wish i do .sheesh.

-about the internet?
amazing! dangerous , but amazing.

-about french people?
i wish i cn understand their language, just like understanding ibu n nenek's fluently speaking javanese in front of me . *jealous*

-about ladies's PMS's?
hurt me a lot. made me cry loads of times.i hate it's doings.

-about emily dickinson?
poetry . sadly she nevr married .

-about shakespear?
romeo and juliet. i chose to imagine him as handsome-grief-looking, rather than bald

-about stephanie meyer's books?
ADDICTED to it. OBSESSED etc.etc.

-about make-up?
frankly, i don't do

-about coffee?
they're like a higher grade than milo.

-about fashion?
gettin old fashion. 'vintage' they say.

-about home?
m'sia.kuala lumpur.dato' keramat.ulu klang.pasar seni. kg barubbst .sepang. bayan baru, penang. subang jaya.tmn melawati.

-about radio station?
i listen to mix.then fly.then hot.then lite. then opus.

-about the ocean?
i love it's beauty, it's coolness, masyaAllah . i cn't swim .

-about being sincere?
it's a MUST. if you're not sincere,with all your heart, things could go wrong.

-about love?
love is cinta.cinta is sayang.sayang is love.

*who do you wish to tag?*
miza. wajib miza, wajib.
alia. please..please..
kak bunga. kalau dia bce..
sharina. kalau dia bce.
pka . if she reads.
mira jalal . if she reads.
mira bdk form 3 .kalau dia baca.
kak ayesha . if she reads .
whoever that come across this page .please do.


  1. eh bace laa....
    nnti aq wat ek sbb aq kene update psl akk aq bertunang dulu..
    jgn lupe baca taw..

  2. nad...award 4 you..take it at my blog....