Friday, July 10, 2009

especially for you , sharina

the title was about this post kay , nothing more .

yestrday , sumone gave me sumthing , more thn she think is ordinary.she gve me a present , which gve me a feeling . a feeling i rarely felt for so, ultimately long . im touched, by a friend .

the present was simple , but she sacrificed her time making it beautiful .wraps it nicely yet , she humbly speaks ; sorry lh hadiah xseberapa, balut tak cantek , etc etc . i carefully tear it up , inch by inch , thinking ; all this hardwork just for me? i mean , who am i to hve such things . surely , i am trully lucky to hve a friend , such like you .

sahabat yg sangat sangat menyayangimu ,

nurul nadirah shaharudin .


  1. to nurul nadirah shaharudin:
    I'm feel appreeciate with your this entry..thank you so much..I'm touched too!haha..
    btw,that's what friends do,right?This time my turn to give present(asyik2 ko je bg adiah kt aku.hahaha)..sayang ko cugak!!

  2. hihi.sharina mmg baik :) nway,sory tade adiah ntuk kamu!! >.<

  3. sherry ;
    esh.jgn bilang cenggitu , malu lh


    miza ;
    tiada maka tiada lh, ada maka ada lah .