Thursday, August 27, 2009


what's wrong people with kain batik? i mean , they're awesome , yes they're quite kampong , nevertheless, i just love them. i'd prefer wearing 'em over short trousers . somehow, it makes me feel grounded and malay . people saw me wearing them , and they sort of laugh . just so you know, i don't care much, i mean whatever . different people have their own opinion about stuff . in this situation , kain batik is ridiculously comforting to me , and i think a lot of people should try wearing them , not just at their own kampong , try wearing them at home(where else can you wear it?) yes , you'll sort of feel silly at start , but you'll find it very comforting , if you just try and really try , let you're heart accept it , somehow. kain batik is part of our ancestor's legacy , if we don't continue it , who will? in fact , im wearing one right now .

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hello ??? tak nampak ke aku kat sini???

ada cerita nie . kisah ini brlaku jam 12:45, ptg rabu . ad lh satu kelas hendk ke bilik av . lalu mereke brjalan menyusuri kelas awam 3 . maka, ada lh tercipta satu hamba Allah yg pada masa itu , leka brjalan msk ke kelas awam 3 itu . rakan2 nya hairan dgn tindakan yg agak2 kurang bernas itu . mereka pun buatlh ekspressi muka hairan . hamba Allah nie tersentap dari jalanan leka nya itu . dengan sangkaan yg konpiden betul kelas itu kosong muncullah lembaga . "kamu tak nampak ke saya kat sini?" kata suara yg asalnya di tmpt duduk depan whiteboard . hamba Allah yg tak tahu malu itu tersengih dan berkata "eh , ada cikgu rupanya .."(betapa bangangnyee budak nie) lalu dia teruskn prjalan tanpa segan silu (pada hal kat dlm tengah malu thap mega) kesimpulannya jangan lh kamu yg mungkin tgh terbaca blog nie , berjalan dgn leka . mungkin tiada apa yg akan trjadi .mungkin kamu akan jatuh longkang dan lalu patah siku, patah kaki, patah lengan . mungkin seekor lalat akan terhempas ke muka , lalu kamu tertelan kn ia . atau mungkin kamu akan menjadi spt hamba Allah yg di-mention kn ini . kamu mungkin rasakn bende nie biasa aje , tetapi , bilamasanye tiba,maka rasakanlh betapa malunye msk kelas org laen , yg hanya ada seorg guru , yg sedang menunggu pelajar kelas trsebut , yg dimana kamu selambe badak aje msk dari belakang dn kluar pintu depan tanpa mmberi salam . rasakanlah!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

jee ai jow

it's ramadhan this saturday! oh yeah! i could feel the excitement that's coming . plus the guys at school already sang sudirman's dari jauh ku pohon maaf . frustrating yet it's the nearest cheap entertaiment you can get in this jungle . so, bear with it . we are going to have the whole week onto ourselves . somehow i don't think it's such a great idea . unless you're a terrrific student that doesn't need tutoring , or didn't constantly fell asleep during class. i don't do those stuff nowadays .but i still feel left behind . better work hard on studying . yeah , that's it . oh , and it's raining season , so puasa wouldn't feel a thing ,with all the cold and wetness . i hope .

Monday, August 17, 2009

the dream

"cause even when i dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do i still miss you baby and i don't wanna miss a thing" -aerosmith .

greettings planet earth. is it weirdly odd and oddly weird to dream about someone you missed so damn much .i think not, why? because i kept dreaming about hugging my dear best friend the moment i saw her . it wasn't the same place or situation , just my reaction towards her . which is hugging her tightly . everytime i did that im either crying or continue what i was doing . if im lucky enough , i'll get to meet my other best friend (in that pathethic dream of mine). speaking of dreams . one school day i woke up quite early(can't rememmber when but im pretty sure it's early) and decided to continue sleeping for the next 5 minutes . miraculously, my brain played this dream of me waking up in the same position at 7:15 am, and i was feaking out ! thus , i woke up in fear of being late and start my morning routine . and im still early , alhamdulillah . lesson learnt.
i was quite observant the past few weeks ( which was odd because im a day dreamer, i don't obsereve much) lately, people are simultaneously moving or berhijrah from either myspace, friendster, to blogspot . i used to think blogging is not so popular and rarely people do so , and now i am wrong . im starting to get the idea of blogging is not exclusive as it seems (at least it was) do you think i should quit this thing ?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


writng a post . nope,nope..typing a post . that's more realistic . i cn't conjure any interesting words these days. n i kept saying the word 'conjure' a lot . odd . a lot of stuff are running through my little brain . stuff like ibu and abah are going to Johor tonight (my bro's convo ) , i still don't know hw am i supposed to go home from school tomorrow . there's a massive chance that there's gonna be a 'sekolah ganti' the day aftr tomorrow . i haven't recite surah Luqman to my ustzh and she's threathening us that if we didn't recite it fast, she's going to give us the 'telur ayam' . my class (4AwamII) still haven't done our levelling amali plus our civil eng teacher is quite sensitive . i failed two awesome subjects , sucks . and now , im worried about something , i have no idea of what it is . i hope it's nothing .