Thursday, August 6, 2009


writng a post . nope,nope..typing a post . that's more realistic . i cn't conjure any interesting words these days. n i kept saying the word 'conjure' a lot . odd . a lot of stuff are running through my little brain . stuff like ibu and abah are going to Johor tonight (my bro's convo ) , i still don't know hw am i supposed to go home from school tomorrow . there's a massive chance that there's gonna be a 'sekolah ganti' the day aftr tomorrow . i haven't recite surah Luqman to my ustzh and she's threathening us that if we didn't recite it fast, she's going to give us the 'telur ayam' . my class (4AwamII) still haven't done our levelling amali plus our civil eng teacher is quite sensitive . i failed two awesome subjects , sucks . and now , im worried about something , i have no idea of what it is . i hope it's nothing .

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