Monday, August 17, 2009

the dream

"cause even when i dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do i still miss you baby and i don't wanna miss a thing" -aerosmith .

greettings planet earth. is it weirdly odd and oddly weird to dream about someone you missed so damn much .i think not, why? because i kept dreaming about hugging my dear best friend the moment i saw her . it wasn't the same place or situation , just my reaction towards her . which is hugging her tightly . everytime i did that im either crying or continue what i was doing . if im lucky enough , i'll get to meet my other best friend (in that pathethic dream of mine). speaking of dreams . one school day i woke up quite early(can't rememmber when but im pretty sure it's early) and decided to continue sleeping for the next 5 minutes . miraculously, my brain played this dream of me waking up in the same position at 7:15 am, and i was feaking out ! thus , i woke up in fear of being late and start my morning routine . and im still early , alhamdulillah . lesson learnt.