Thursday, August 27, 2009


what's wrong people with kain batik? i mean , they're awesome , yes they're quite kampong , nevertheless, i just love them. i'd prefer wearing 'em over short trousers . somehow, it makes me feel grounded and malay . people saw me wearing them , and they sort of laugh . just so you know, i don't care much, i mean whatever . different people have their own opinion about stuff . in this situation , kain batik is ridiculously comforting to me , and i think a lot of people should try wearing them , not just at their own kampong , try wearing them at home(where else can you wear it?) yes , you'll sort of feel silly at start , but you'll find it very comforting , if you just try and really try , let you're heart accept it , somehow. kain batik is part of our ancestor's legacy , if we don't continue it , who will? in fact , im wearing one right now .


  1. haha.aku pakai bile musim 'bocor' je. XD memang selesa!

  2. ya..faktor lain yg kte patut memakainyaa..

    good work my friend!


  3. haha..yeah..kain batik mmg best..
    tp da lamer x pakai..sbb asik kuar rmh jee..
    klu g skola pakai kain batik kan best..hahahahah

  4. buat muke slamber badaks..

    ibartkn mcm angin..*woosh..*

  5. hermm..kadang2 aku pakai.
    klu aku agak2 rasa malas nk pakai seluar,kain batik adalah jalan penyelesaiannya.. :D