Thursday, September 24, 2009

getting famished

i think im getting old, i kept asking people, "today is..?".huh

either im getting old too fast or i just could'n be bothered about this year's eid. i didn't wear my baju kurung raya ,mainlybecause i left it at sepang ,i know, teruk betul . i was pretty darn confident of placing it in the bag ,thou . this year's eid is so,utterly differs from the previous ones,gulfh . we went back to Penang on 1st Syawal to visit arwah yaie's grave, it does lessen the boredomness we had at kedah .

After seven years leaving tmn sepakat,ulu kelang , i went back home, where i grew up to be me . it was like being there but, by there, as if im at some place else . where everything seem so big back then , my playground(rumah nenek is always a bungalow to me) gotten narrow, everything seem to have shrunk . feels like it, but it's the same . i know it's still home,i mean it's not exactly how i left it, it's like your own personal museum , or your family albums archives right there in front of you . i miss those days . how the hallway to the kitchen was always long and all of us used to run around freely,when we have nothing to lose ,not a single shed of problems running down our necks, when we don't need anything but each other . how times flies like a jet. now, my cousin,who contribute a lot during our playfull years,is going to get engage soon and he's the youngest in his family . i feel older, sheesh..i am older . like an old soul, stuck in this chest .whereas, my jouney is still long and unwritten, yet .

the famous pokok mangga, yg byk kerengga
the hallway,it uses to be long and wide .

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri!!!

Today's class was dull as usual, lesser people came , both outsiders and the asrama students . Suprisingly, people greeted me with "Selamat Hari Raya , Maaf Zahir Batin" as if they know me . I know that it's a good thing, but some of them barely recognised me as a student here, whatever the reason is , i'll just play along, it is fun . Civl Eng was bearable, Eng Drawng was no fun, Agama was pleasing(spent time by chatting with Ustazah) , Modrn Math was confusing(we finishd the last chapter, yay!) and finally, Addmath was easy for the first time . The best part of the day was, since i performedmy zuhur early , i get to witness all the asrama students hustle around with their backpacks ready to go home, exchanged raya cards, etc,etc . As a bonus, the administrators played all the raya songs like , Hail Amir and Uji Rashid's Seloka Hari Raya,M.Nasir's Satu Hari Di Hari Raya, Sudirman's Dari Jauh Ku Pohon Maaf and others, so the whole building echoed with raya songs ,that,really touched me . All the way back to the canteen(where my backpack was) i wore a big smile and chuckled all by myself thinking about the situation we're all having . Heehee, i still can't stop smiling! I spent most of my waiting time, watching the students goes by,some were running ,some on their way to get on the school bus . Only now, i felt the raya spirit, finally! Thanks for taking your time by reading this awfull blog of mine , forgive me for all of my wrong doings and Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

today's chemistry was awsome but very , very , very exhausting . we we're running as if there's a sale up to 90% . we had to do six different experiments in two periods . problem arises one after another . first there was the lack of beaker , then the generator (that has similar looks of an old radio) wasn't working , then the voltmeter we're playing tricks on us (basically ,not working too) . okay ,enough of that . oh , the asrama students(mainly form4) had a some sort of food poisoning and the best part is , the teachers won't bring them to go to the clinic , unless you've already wentto the famous toilet more than 7 times ! or your's were really critical , i.e you've accidently let 'it' out in your pants . such a tragic thing that happend to the poor asrama students . oh well, some of them managed to come back home earlier than expected to be , just now . while others who are still healthy enough(or just lucky,you never know) had to stick to the schedule . hurmm..somehow , i think , Sir Shah(my history teacher who is famous for his youthness) was right .i don't feel the excitement , anticipation, that celebration feeling that i used to feel in the past years for this ramadhan and eid mubarak . i mean , i do, it comes and goes , it just doesn't stick like before . i wish it would last , longer than i should be, i really do .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

las,last friday

this is the students of 4 kej awam 2 . it's our history class with Sir Shah , the history teacher .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

germs and jems, ick .

so, i slept like about an hour and a half last night and i'm still freakin sleepy . i was in bed quite early(i think) and afterminutes of struggle , i decided to read a book about self motivation but eventually change to harry potter(it's the closest)that motivation book was good, but i got bored , usually when people get bored they get sleepy right?(pick that up somewhere) it's v. frustrating when the more you get bored the more you can't sleep . i , myself don't understand whyi couldn bring myself to go to sleep when it is the only thing i'm v. good at . minutes turns to hours and to two hoursand finally three and a half . which was exactly three and a half in the morning when my eyes finally give in got tired . i'm definately going to get up as early as five to sahur (ibu would make me anyway) . and oh, it's school day(already?!)gosh , i wish i don't have to sleep like the cullens . that almost crack me up , almost .

back from the learning institution ,

i think people nowadays are so untrustworthy that they have to make funny little blue cards just to make sure that we , the students doesn't cheat solat . geez , it felt like using punched card except that it takes place in a surau . oh , how the world kept amuse me . it was raining and foggy all day , so like everyone else . most of the teachers were MIA and some of the asrama students didn't even bother coming back ! it's friggin cold , which turn out to be such a blessing since it's ramadhan .