Tuesday, September 1, 2009

germs and jems, ick .

so, i slept like about an hour and a half last night and i'm still freakin sleepy . i was in bed quite early(i think) and afterminutes of struggle , i decided to read a book about self motivation but eventually change to harry potter(it's the closest)that motivation book was good, but i got bored , usually when people get bored they get sleepy right?(pick that up somewhere) it's v. frustrating when the more you get bored the more you can't sleep . i , myself don't understand whyi couldn bring myself to go to sleep when it is the only thing i'm v. good at . minutes turns to hours and to two hoursand finally three and a half . which was exactly three and a half in the morning when my eyes finally give in got tired . i'm definately going to get up as early as five to sahur (ibu would make me anyway) . and oh, it's school day(already?!)gosh , i wish i don't have to sleep like the cullens . that almost crack me up , almost .

back from the learning institution ,

i think people nowadays are so untrustworthy that they have to make funny little blue cards just to make sure that we , the students doesn't cheat solat . geez , it felt like using punched card except that it takes place in a surau . oh , how the world kept amuse me . it was raining and foggy all day , so like everyone else . most of the teachers were MIA and some of the asrama students didn't even bother coming back ! it's friggin cold , which turn out to be such a blessing since it's ramadhan .