Thursday, September 24, 2009

getting famished

i think im getting old, i kept asking people, "today is..?".huh

either im getting old too fast or i just could'n be bothered about this year's eid. i didn't wear my baju kurung raya ,mainlybecause i left it at sepang ,i know, teruk betul . i was pretty darn confident of placing it in the bag ,thou . this year's eid is so,utterly differs from the previous ones,gulfh . we went back to Penang on 1st Syawal to visit arwah yaie's grave, it does lessen the boredomness we had at kedah .

After seven years leaving tmn sepakat,ulu kelang , i went back home, where i grew up to be me . it was like being there but, by there, as if im at some place else . where everything seem so big back then , my playground(rumah nenek is always a bungalow to me) gotten narrow, everything seem to have shrunk . feels like it, but it's the same . i know it's still home,i mean it's not exactly how i left it, it's like your own personal museum , or your family albums archives right there in front of you . i miss those days . how the hallway to the kitchen was always long and all of us used to run around freely,when we have nothing to lose ,not a single shed of problems running down our necks, when we don't need anything but each other . how times flies like a jet. now, my cousin,who contribute a lot during our playfull years,is going to get engage soon and he's the youngest in his family . i feel older, sheesh..i am older . like an old soul, stuck in this chest .whereas, my jouney is still long and unwritten, yet .

the famous pokok mangga, yg byk kerengga
the hallway,it uses to be long and wide .


  1. selamat hari raye!
    mira balik penang arituu..huhhuu

  2. salam aidilfitri maaf zahir dan batin. =)
    hee. kabare?

    "how times flies like a jet."
    ahah, stuju sgt... missed the ol' days..
    anyway, not wearing a baju kurung during eid is not that bad. it's not really about clothes and all that. it's about celebrating with the loved ones, with a lil' bit of laughter, and thus, another memory of us is safely being kept in our mind. let's rewind the good ol' memories, shall we? (err..apakah?)

  3. haha.kesian giler wey.baju raya aku beli last minute.esok raya mlm tu beli walau da pukul 11 mlm.terukkan? hoho~!

    McD,saya mau raya umah anda hari ni.Tapi hp anda rosak yee..

  4. +amirah -kun..,,


    hee..penang best,,



    exactly, tapi frust menonggeng jgak lee
    ble dpt tau bju raya trtinggal.


    +miza syg!!!

    alaa. siann nyerr..

    khames, xde dayoh yg dtg.

    aww..sian kamu..