Tuesday, September 15, 2009

today's chemistry was awsome but very , very , very exhausting . we we're running as if there's a sale up to 90% . we had to do six different experiments in two periods . problem arises one after another . first there was the lack of beaker , then the generator (that has similar looks of an old radio) wasn't working , then the voltmeter we're playing tricks on us (basically ,not working too) . okay ,enough of that . oh , the asrama students(mainly form4) had a some sort of food poisoning and the best part is , the teachers won't bring them to go to the clinic , unless you've already wentto the famous toilet more than 7 times ! or your's were really critical , i.e you've accidently let 'it' out in your pants . such a tragic thing that happend to the poor asrama students . oh well, some of them managed to come back home earlier than expected to be , just now . while others who are still healthy enough(or just lucky,you never know) had to stick to the schedule . hurmm..somehow , i think , Sir Shah(my history teacher who is famous for his youthness) was right .i don't feel the excitement , anticipation, that celebration feeling that i used to feel in the past years for this ramadhan and eid mubarak . i mean , i do, it comes and goes , it just doesn't stick like before . i wish it would last , longer than i should be, i really do .


  1. eh,sian giler bebdk tuh.
    cool meh buat experiment skali 6 kau.haha!

  2. cool..mcm sauna dlm lab tuh..

    bole lee..