Friday, October 30, 2009

mental , aren't we?

today, we 4 ka 2's , had our final lessons as a form 4 student . it was english 1119 . it was not our best days , meaningful enough thou . it's our final history lessons too, with beloved Sir Shah , again not our best days. mostly because we're chasing time and everyone was rushing for the final exams which is due in november 2nd . am i ready for the final, crucial battle as a form 4? assuming it is a real war with M16, riffles,bazookas and with every sniper aiming directly at you . i think id die the moment i step foot on the battle ground , not a chance to even fire back . the board members of the whiteboard(people who would always jotted something on the w/board) already scribbled about the curiosity of our future , it was said to be that we aren't to stay in the same class next year , thou how much we hate that, it is the truth . to the teachers, thousand apologies for our bad behaviour . i think that we're very, very lucky indeed to have teachers who are always giving their very best . and sorry for the bad vocabs, i think im losing it .