Friday, November 13, 2009

friday, dear

seconds,minutes,hours,days,weeks and months, waiting. friday, you've come again . it was our last as form4 this year, most were seen hugging and changing numbers . for next year, we are no more a new, we are to be exemplary to others, we are to face our crucial exam, the SPM . ooh..give me the creeps just mentioning the name . thinking back, i have grown a lot these past years , im not wearing the dark blue kain to school, im learning what they called chemistry and physics, im able to write essays, longer than i think i can . im no more a secondary nor middle school. High school student, ooh.. it's glory days alright.

our last assembly started off late, then we were to go to surau for majlis ilmu, after solat duha . im quite dissapointed of what we were supposed to learn . the ceramah was mostly a dialogue session between a christian (Dr. Campbell) and a muslim (Dr.Zakir Naik) about the Quran . but, since we listen it from an indonesian audio for better understanding, the only thing i've heard from it , was 'segumpal darah'. apparently this christ dr. was explaining of how wrong the Quran was,using the words from the greeks and romans . according to Uzt. Razak, Dr. Zakir Naik somehow won this debate-like . the day before was amusingly fun , thou .

dearest 4 ka2, our memories shall never fade .

im not supposed to be in this pic.but i am.

4 ka 2 for the last of our time, you guys have loved and be loved .


  1. eh,aku nampak budak hensem la! HAHA!

    cerita lebih lanjut pasal perdebatan tu wey.

  2. perdebatan, um..

    aku juge hrp ade org yg bole jelaskn lebih lanjut pd aku.

    malang nyee sume sebuk g kantin,naik dorm atau tido .