Tuesday, December 22, 2009

last wednesday,19 Dec 09

our flight was at 8.30,as we approached the cabin doors,the scent of green carpet floors,multicolored seats with flight attendants in green uniforms,pleases me. it's been long since i boarded an MAS plane. the head steward was mumbling lazily about the flight, most off his words are like an adult version of baby talk. we only catch glimpses of kota kinabalu and headed for kundasang. half way there, it was foggy and drizzling . then a hard rain,then a sprinkle(continuing back and forth). after we'd settled down, we went straight for dinner . it was unnaturally cold that night .subuh was around 5,by 6 we've reached daylight. breakfast was decent. abah said the plan was to visit some hot springs at a place called Poring. we paid a visit to the butterfly garden and ended up doing a little jungle trekking and the canopy walk. abah made ibu walked(or she gets left behind). since i hold the camera, i lead the group .the walk was exhilarating!!! yeah!(for me,pian and abah). the rest,who called themselves 'kumpulan kurang keyakinan'(according to ma-ken),was extremely glad to be alive. the next day, we went to pasar philippines to buy ikan masin and all sorts. alas, it was time to leave. we said our good-bye's to KK and off to the airport. the flight attendants was mostly tall,dark and handsome(haha!)one off them(who looked like a rookie) was soo thin and amazingly tall that i'd secretly named him'stick boy'.we had a smooth landing and home we were. alhamdulillah .

the best decent pictures i've got since most were taken from the
official camera.

at the pasar philippines.


  1. nad!
    thanks for the gift.
    Nice !
    I love it very much!

    Seri k..masing2 da ade..haha
    kau mmg kwn yg memahami la...
    lawa gile kaler die ok!
    terpukau aku. :D

  2. hehe.
    same same..

    shhh..jgn ckp org,,


  3. ohh..g sabah ekk??mira pon bru g sabah bru2 nih..mira pon onh g gk poring hot spring tuu! but bkn bru2 nih la..mse 2007..kundasang sejukkkk

  4. haa...

    betul2..kalah genting highlnd

    sbb diorang xpakai air con