Thursday, December 10, 2009

the love letter


i was in the line of duty(cleaning up specificly)when i stumble upon old letters . i.e., old bills,poscards, letters and love letters. ibu started writing after they were engaged,when she was taking courses at UITM kuantan .it was mostly for abah,with words like "dearest abang","sayang" and "my lovely fiance". ibu mention that abah did write back, faithfully. only his letters were straight-foward, he'd tell if he was upset and telling her stuff like"you should be studying instead!". it tickled my funny bone when i read the part where ibu was dreading to hear abah's 'warm voice','handsome face' and all sorts . how these things make people feel wonderful, as if the world's a better place . i didn't read them all, just parts and bits . too mushy for me. i've also found the paper that arwah atuk typed just day's before he passed away . it was to remind himself of what he was to expect at the alam barzakh. things like what is your religion, who is your imam and what is your kiblat . it was sad reading it, knowing that my late grandfather(whom i've never met) typed this just as he was about to leave this world . now,what's left of him is the house at tmn sepakat,pictures and letters, and his wife-hjh rukiah bt hj abdul rahman, or nenek. i wonder if nenek and arwah atuk have their love letters.


  1. lucky her to have a husband like ur daddy.

    Atuk kau mest ada punye surat cinta ngan nenek.Sebab atuk aku pun camtuh.dan dia kata zaman dulu lagi byk surat2 cinta.hehehe~~

  2. yogyakarta.?

    wooh..tkde jauh lg ke nad..?


  3. eh,org zaman dulu sejauh mana surat tetap sampai la.tapi lambat r.

  4. jauh lgi..tiada kuut..

    miza, betul jgak .


  5. wah.

    orang dulu2 sume surat2..
    maklumlah, teknologi still tak berkembang maju..
    kebaikannya, mendidik diri supaya jadi SABAR dlm hidup.

    tapi sekarang...

    wah-wah-wah, memang best nih, hantar sekarang, jap lagi confem dapat..

    tapi, tula.. adakalanya buatkan diri kita tak begitu menghargai sesuatu.

    take things for granted.

    (rasenye la..huhu)

    bak kate miza,
    "lucky her to have a husband like ur daddy."

    hehe. ;D