Thursday, January 14, 2010

im secretly a...


dear friends,

im officially an asrama student. hehee. yayayaya! frankly, it was the best step i took ever since i entered high school . it was fantastic, you get up around 4.45 to 5 in the morning, have a freezing-cold bath, solat, breakfast, roll-call, and school . school wasn't much anticipated, it was my doorm-mates whom ive fell in love with(every 13 exclude me!). this year, we were stationed at the other academic block(the one facing the woods!) and we can see the principal's house everyday without fail. rite, thank you k. wan ayesha(yg kirimkn salam khas dri nz!) hope you and your family are well. saya kirim salam balek! not sure what am i suppose to type mostly . thanks for reading this decent-like post. im surely not going to update my blog much from now on(duhh..asrama) most of whom ive known living in asrama describe their life a living h***(thn nie nak SPM jaga tatatertib!)..i , myself don't think it was quite that bad, perhaps, maybe, im the lucky ones who think that living in asrama is an amzing experience in life(say want you want people! im sticking with my words). just, perhaps, alhamdulillah. untill then .


  1. Dari dulu lagi aku mahu duduk asrama.tapi tak dapat2.Lucky u dear.

  2. bestnye...nad da jadi budak asrama..
    patutla lama tak dengar berita yo !
    aku pun teringin nak jd bdk asrama gak..
    same la nasib kite mira..huhu
    papepun,bergembiralah disana..bukannye slalu dpt duk asrama kan..:DD

  3. heheheehee.terime kaseh terime kaseh.

    peluang korang akn tiba, insyaAllah,

    nnti nk msk IPT mesti duk asrama kn??