Sunday, March 14, 2010

acquaintance brr..cakap!

assalamualaikum wbt.

and so form 4 gets to go back early..pegi la! nk balek sgt anak manja!

mr principledear says that he intendd to 'potong steam' of our hols. that old man,ouh..he's somethng alright . so be it . despite that we're still exhausted(i.e kejohn olahraga, n other mumbojumbo that rose the whole week) the seniors although reluctant still come . what's left of us anyway. it wasn't as tiring as it thought it would be, it's still unpleasant. imagine this, tak pernah pernah nye ade prep hari sabtu bole dia sruh kte prep dgn nk qiamullail esk pgi, dgn tak packing sbb esk balek . alhamdulillah dia kata prep kat ruang belajr asrama . but, it's okay i guess, since we are the seniors . terime kasih sbb sudi mmbaca

mencari emansipasi .