Tuesday, June 8, 2010

look people ;D

salam. i know i typed tht i shouldn't be sayin' anythng bfore spm, but it's the hols . please,tq ;))

did i mentioned that im still in ka2(kej.awam) this year? yup im still here, with the rest of us(mostly anyway) . students who achieve outstnding results get sorted into 5sss(sayasusahsebut) while those who're nearly outstandng get into class tht ends with the numbr 1. i.e 5km1,5ka1,5ke1 n so on .

to be honest i hated this class the moment i step foot on it . whats more annoying is , i grew fond of it each day . and now i love these kids . they are my friends,my back up disk,my supporters,my brothers, my sisters, my family. and i am going to miss them so freakin' bad . now thts the real truth . tell you again later, ihvn't bathe yet. i just cme back aftr a month staying in the hostel. and it's just feel darn good to be home again .