Friday, July 30, 2010

dude, we're like an inch to ramadhan

and soo..

hey peeps!!

lets see,a lot hve happend.i grew uup.failed 3 crucial subjcts.went to the awesome easy addmth progrme.doing bettr with addmth.sing a lot with hann in sitting front row these days(still able to sleep).i dnt sleep in chemstry like i basically do.self concious.busy like bees.lovin my aras(2B yeah!).gettin to know our dearst cegu oya(syg cegu!).im tryng vry hard not to hurt people through my words.been hvng loads of mood swing(gotta get my 'cool' bck).savin money babey..


115*lst i check*..thts hw much life we, 5th bacth, hve left before we leave.

ohh.i went through amal's(my class monitor) pencl case.found some cool words.

one of them are..

.."the great pleasure is when you can do what everyone said you can't"..

thnks.untill thn.i guess.burhh.