Friday, September 3, 2010

nns and the going home for eid .

salam, and so we meet again.

i can't decide what i miss the most whn were going home for eid's hols.
first, there's the pelita around the aspuri, then there's lampu raya hanging
all around, thn were started seeing teachrs bustling in an out of the staff
room with kuih raya and lots of kerepek(especially bilk guru dua)
exchanging raya cards, midnight md's.etc.etc . what i liked the most were ,
when they started playing songs like dj daves' or sudirman's or p.ramlee's.
tht was definately golden,to me. frankly, this was my first n last ramadhan
as an asrama students, and it was priceless. the wardens would wake us up
either they'll turn on the siren longer or they'll make some silly
anouncemnt askng you to come down at the dm for sahur .*for the record,
ive only came down once;first ramadhan*. thou, i did my first and last
tarawih here*there's a loop in the middle ofcourse*. what else? hurm.
ooh, we get to go to putrajaya's baazar ramadhan, and it was heeuge .
all and all, ths yr's ramadhan means a lot.thou it would be a lot cooler
if the administrators playd the raya songs just like last year maa.

let's kemas rumah!!!