Monday, December 20, 2010


once i watched a narnia movie. and it was just lovely,still managed to
struckd a blow both in one hearts and minds . but that wasn't what i intentd
to tell . it was where that bothers me deeply . you see, no matter how much
i despise admitting this, i will always get the ogawa seat, by hook or by
crook. never would i askd for such seat . and then there's the madnificient
crowd that comes with it .one who couldn stop updating its fb account,
one with the loud mouth, and don't forget one who'd criticise so much
beacause he'd already knew hw the story ends .im not flawless myself and
i'd sound boastfull had i proceed . so, i cn only ask to those who
are reading, please, respect other ppl, wherevr, whenevr .
don't be to self-loving ,particularly in public places.