Monday, December 12, 2011

be bolder baby

hey you, be stronger,way stronger and braver, for you are going to fight more battles,you'll attain more scars and wounds, you will hurt and get hurt,intentionally or unintentionally,

be fearless,like the snow patrol's signal fire;untill all the fear falls away and leave you naked.

open your mind wide open, Allah doesn't test you for what you can't. there's always something, someway,somehow, someday, always

love yourself sayang,not being selfish, but not untill you know who you are,then you will know Allah, Ya Rabb

never give up, not ever will you surrender,nor regret of what you'll do,at least try not to regret

ala bizikrillahi tatmainnal quloob,ketahuilah dengan ingat Allah,hati kan menjadi tenang

you are not anyone's servant except Allah SWT, The Creator..please don't get yourself bullied, please.

remember what pian said, everyone loves you.remember that

#foster the people-call it what you want

Friday, December 9, 2011

tak bole tido?


aparently, i find myself unable to sleep after 3 in the morning, unless i was already asleep before, do i find myself clear, i don't understant exactly what im saying? yes
that must be it . also, my brother creepy ringtone which just went on for every five minutes is not helping . and, i left my phone in my parents bedroom. i bet the alarm's gonna tick 'em off . oh am i screwed. there goes the freakin' rigntone ringing 4 in the morning----------

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

here's for you AMIZA !!!

it's been ages since ive been tag. you don't usually get tag unless you have a blog *this was back then ofcourse* , umm..firstly, much apology for the awefully late reply to ur still managing my timeless time(iszat even a word?..) that's actually what makes blogging more fun .so thank you amiza for tagging me, and whoever that tag her, and whoever that tag the person before,and whoever tha......*the list goes on....* brings back memories.

1. You must post this rules.

2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.

3. Answer the questions tagger set for you in their post. And create 11 new questions for people you tagged to answer.

4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.

5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her

6. No tag back!

eleven things ;D

1)i missed my home, Allah knows how long n how much.
2)my sem break just started when everyone was about to start a new semester
3)so i don't really get to see my dearly friends that ive missed n cherish for long,sad
4)im looking forward to watch movies at the cinemas.not the laptop.ish
5)im feeling mellow.sad..for no reason..mybe there is, unknown yet
6)im a true worrier.i worry too much,for everything,for ten steps ahead,for the future .(shrugs)
7)food is my passion. i love keeps me insane.studying n thinking for future keeps me sane.nows its balance.gahahahaha
8)i haven't talked face-to-face to any of my
9)i feel alone.sumtimes..mybe..umm all the time..naahhh.sometimes only
10)i hope to make this three weeks worthwhile,for whatever the reasons are
11)i wish im braver than before .to face my tomorrow..

the q's from amiza ;0

1. Kenangan terburuk anda?

2.Macammana ayah anda bertemu mak anda? (macam how i met your mother tuu)

3.Anda kenal saya dari mana?

4.Pernah salah masuk tandas tak?

5.Tahi lalat yang paling menarik kat anggota badan anda.

6.Lelaki yang pernah anda suka.Tapi tak pernah luahkan?

7.11 Perkara yang anda selalu buat sebelum tidur? *y so much?..ngeh*

8.11 kawan baik anda? kalau ada 5 pun boleh senaraikan.
ibu,abah,ma-ken,sharina,amirah hamizah,amalina,amirah shahirah,fara shahiera,bdk dorm, shafiqah azhar,nurdini,fadhlin mukhtarah,sharifah farah hidayah,nordiyana jafar,..ramai tak...kekeekeke :D

10.Siapa yang anda selalu teringat bila dalam kesusahan?
Allah SWT , abah n ibu

11.Bila nak kahwin?
tahun tahun tahun depan.hehehehe.taktau laa sorry, i dont have any question nor anyone to tag.
evryones busy...lately.mianhe

i messed up the last part.sorry ;( ..aiyoo.

later dudes ;( still sadd..

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


portfolio..portfolio's..portfoolioosss...and exam.

wait for me comin back smile for me ;D

Sunday, October 2, 2011

i haven't post a thing for the longest time

most probabblyy bee-cause im super duper busy with assgnmnt,final projects,building models, redo-ing assgnment, and chasing deadlines. more of these and ill be the deadline, before i babble sum more, please forgive me for my bad grammar for i hvnt practise my english for a while. ive learnd a lot for these past few(or more) months.
value of time,money and SLEEP.oohh i miss ma bed everyday.i wonder what my friends whom i knew before are doing .where are they,what are the pursuing, when will i see them again, and will i be as succesful as they are once the time come for us to meet, eventually.

im thinking.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


i just came home. and my raya hols are equals to my never ending assgnmnt. shucks.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

say hello, then goodbye

hello,bhlog. hows it hang in?

this week has been hectic. i find myself making decisions. then doubting myself.
making yet again another decisions and start questioning about it all over again .
oiihh .. this is only a taste of adulthood . can i not go there *adulthood*?
sure enough, that's unavoidable . soon after, ill be leaving my job as temp .
ill be leaving erl,the bus,the station,the office,kak ina,my boss,izzati,cik md noor,
the ppl there, the lunch break we use to have,the friday trip to alamanda . this is
so sad :(

ive learned and experienced soo many in this three months*give or take* as a temp staff here . ive made friends and they are awesome . i do have a dream,bhlog, i do .
to studied abroad, to get married,to have a job that i love, to have children,
hear them laugh, to watch them grow, to love my husband, and soo soo many . i hope
Allah is listening to my prayers ,insyaAllah . and if i did go to johor, please
send me friend, a loyal friend, protect me from any harms, keep my faith strong
so that i would NEVER get shaken by anything/anyone. guide me Allah .

i am absurdly terrified of the world right now .

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i just terrified of her when she's upset .

Monday, April 18, 2011

driew hcum ?

im not sure what am i feeling. here goes.

time is going way too fast,faster than bullet that i barely felt it.
this thing in my chest that beats ,kept telling me to brace because
something is about to happen . im confused, i know what to expect and when
am i being oblivious about everything ? something to look up for, but
it's not forever, love . im truly sorry, im breaking, shaking inside .
save me please, Ya Allah . the future is terifying .

i have dreams . are they enough? aren't they enough? what feeds enough?
im a worrier not a warrior . can't i be both? gosh, these questions .

this is a temporary . it was never meant to last . yow.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

im a loon ;P

we'll be okay
yeah we'd probbly got lost somewhere
maybe cried a little bit
stumbled a few times
frustrated at some point that you felt like crap
found some frenemies
almost got on the wronged bus again
got hurt
hurt someone else obliviously
even if you thought the pain was unbearable
we'll be just fine

Monday, March 28, 2011

nns and the works II

i am nurul nadirah. i like to move keeps me alert. i like riding the bus to work . yeay work(yeay money!). i'm feeling quite content . i have lots of friends here . there's wana, kak ina, izzati, boss(wanie) , kak zai, kak hani, kak ekin and maybe ihsan . cik md noor, cik fahril and the most nicest person in this office is my boss(wanie!) and also kak ina. also sum more, cik md noor.this is my boss

she's so freakin' tall, when and only when she wears wedges . the next tall person i befriend is wana asri . this is her

she will always be seen wearing make up . not once her face was pale(at least not yet). okokokokok . izzati, on the other hand, loves picking fight with my boss . she said boss looks cute whenever she's upset/angry/red . izzati and i would share our journey home together . kak zai likes playing with me . she already have three kids . she would treat me like a little sister . kak ina is such a darling . we started working at pjh together . she would tell me a thing or two,time to time . certain people in the office loves to smile . thou, some would smirk while passing our table(tcheh..what the heck?!!) . wana likes talking in english . hahahahahaha. she is trying her best to improve herself greatly . i'm sooo proud of her .plus, plus,plus, my boss wants to be a singer,just like her mother . awesome yo!

credit to wana and wani . hehehehehh :P

Saturday, March 12, 2011

nns and the works

workplace (the train rain)
1) you have to get on the 6.58 am train if you don't wanna be late

2) the ticket machine can buat hal for not accepting note money.pfft

3) the ticket itself is sometimes not readable *curse you ticket

workplace (the bus fuzz)
1) the bus would normally leave the terminal around 7.20 am.

2) therefore, you are extremely lucky if the bus leave at 7.15 am. that way
you won't get stuck in traffic

3) sometimes you get to ride with foreign people who have the physical
appearance of swimsuit models *grrr*

4) unfortunately all you can hear from them were"..mmraff mrafft?.."
or something like that. they sound almost german thou(was it my awfull

5) mornings are chilly so don't EVER terlelap . and miss your drop off

6) ring the bell after the sri wawasan bridge(the only bridge that you'll
crossed to the menara)

workplace (the work smirk)
1) you have to trade your id(lesen,ic) for a pass at the security booth

2)your pass won't work before 8am, after 5pm and during lunch hour

3) office can feel like winter sometimes

4) especially on rainy days, so bring a sweater or something

5) when you're a temp staff, you can bring a book to kill time

6) friday is the best day of the week *TGIF*

7) you work for the fun of it(and experience), but you'll start appreaciating
free time, life, money, prosperity, family even your bed .

that's what i learned from a week as a temp. staff at pjh . it was awesome :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

nns and the tembikai

i would normally go to the night market . i would normally buy a quarter
of my favourite fruit( the awesome tembikai) i would go home with a
happy face after obtaining the fruit . and i would enjoyed it with all my
heart . but,..i am not happy when my tembikai went missing in the
fridge!!! . we all know tht living in a family means sharing , but all of it??!
you didn't even wash the container after you happily finish the awesome
fruit . it is unfair, considered i bought it with ma own maahhneeey.
im sorry i sound absurdly childish .thou, i do have a point rite? can't you
see i love the fruit . errghh..thank you for reading.enjoy ur day.

to the awesome tembikai . saranghae

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

nns n the dododo thngs

i didn't plan to write ths post(wuldn call ths as writing ultimately) i hve soo many thngs tht i dream of doing aftr my first taste of freedom, i.e. to meet long lost friend, to clean up a mess, to fix own attitude, to find mre cool songs, to read more books, to find own money perhaps? urgh.. im afloat .

currntly listening . winter song-sara barielles n ingrid michaelson

Sunday, January 2, 2011

nns and sesi persekolahan

that statement doesn't mean anything anymore ! haha!

not for us school-leavers anyways :)

rock on babe!