Thursday, January 20, 2011

nns and the tembikai

i would normally go to the night market . i would normally buy a quarter
of my favourite fruit( the awesome tembikai) i would go home with a
happy face after obtaining the fruit . and i would enjoyed it with all my
heart . but,..i am not happy when my tembikai went missing in the
fridge!!! . we all know tht living in a family means sharing , but all of it??!
you didn't even wash the container after you happily finish the awesome
fruit . it is unfair, considered i bought it with ma own maahhneeey.
im sorry i sound absurdly childish .thou, i do have a point rite? can't you
see i love the fruit . errghh..thank you for reading.enjoy ur day.

to the awesome tembikai . saranghae


  1. adeeh..sape curik tu??tak patut betul!
    to tembikaishiii saranghaeyo too for making my friend ni senang hati hehe... :)

    nnti kite g beli lg eh..

  2. lain kali beli taruk dlm bilik je!