Monday, March 28, 2011

nns and the works II

i am nurul nadirah. i like to move keeps me alert. i like riding the bus to work . yeay work(yeay money!). i'm feeling quite content . i have lots of friends here . there's wana, kak ina, izzati, boss(wanie) , kak zai, kak hani, kak ekin and maybe ihsan . cik md noor, cik fahril and the most nicest person in this office is my boss(wanie!) and also kak ina. also sum more, cik md noor.this is my boss

she's so freakin' tall, when and only when she wears wedges . the next tall person i befriend is wana asri . this is her

she will always be seen wearing make up . not once her face was pale(at least not yet). okokokokok . izzati, on the other hand, loves picking fight with my boss . she said boss looks cute whenever she's upset/angry/red . izzati and i would share our journey home together . kak zai likes playing with me . she already have three kids . she would treat me like a little sister . kak ina is such a darling . we started working at pjh together . she would tell me a thing or two,time to time . certain people in the office loves to smile . thou, some would smirk while passing our table(tcheh..what the heck?!!) . wana likes talking in english . hahahahahaha. she is trying her best to improve herself greatly . i'm sooo proud of her .plus, plus,plus, my boss wants to be a singer,just like her mother . awesome yo!

credit to wana and wani . hehehehehh :P