Saturday, March 12, 2011

nns and the works

workplace (the train rain)
1) you have to get on the 6.58 am train if you don't wanna be late

2) the ticket machine can buat hal for not accepting note money.pfft

3) the ticket itself is sometimes not readable *curse you ticket

workplace (the bus fuzz)
1) the bus would normally leave the terminal around 7.20 am.

2) therefore, you are extremely lucky if the bus leave at 7.15 am. that way
you won't get stuck in traffic

3) sometimes you get to ride with foreign people who have the physical
appearance of swimsuit models *grrr*

4) unfortunately all you can hear from them were"..mmraff mrafft?.."
or something like that. they sound almost german thou(was it my awfull

5) mornings are chilly so don't EVER terlelap . and miss your drop off

6) ring the bell after the sri wawasan bridge(the only bridge that you'll
crossed to the menara)

workplace (the work smirk)
1) you have to trade your id(lesen,ic) for a pass at the security booth

2)your pass won't work before 8am, after 5pm and during lunch hour

3) office can feel like winter sometimes

4) especially on rainy days, so bring a sweater or something

5) when you're a temp staff, you can bring a book to kill time

6) friday is the best day of the week *TGIF*

7) you work for the fun of it(and experience), but you'll start appreaciating
free time, life, money, prosperity, family even your bed .

that's what i learned from a week as a temp. staff at pjh . it was awesome :)

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