Monday, April 18, 2011

driew hcum ?

im not sure what am i feeling. here goes.

time is going way too fast,faster than bullet that i barely felt it.
this thing in my chest that beats ,kept telling me to brace because
something is about to happen . im confused, i know what to expect and when
am i being oblivious about everything ? something to look up for, but
it's not forever, love . im truly sorry, im breaking, shaking inside .
save me please, Ya Allah . the future is terifying .

i have dreams . are they enough? aren't they enough? what feeds enough?
im a worrier not a warrior . can't i be both? gosh, these questions .

this is a temporary . it was never meant to last . yow.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

im a loon ;P

we'll be okay
yeah we'd probbly got lost somewhere
maybe cried a little bit
stumbled a few times
frustrated at some point that you felt like crap
found some frenemies
almost got on the wronged bus again
got hurt
hurt someone else obliviously
even if you thought the pain was unbearable
we'll be just fine