Sunday, May 15, 2011

say hello, then goodbye

hello,bhlog. hows it hang in?

this week has been hectic. i find myself making decisions. then doubting myself.
making yet again another decisions and start questioning about it all over again .
oiihh .. this is only a taste of adulthood . can i not go there *adulthood*?
sure enough, that's unavoidable . soon after, ill be leaving my job as temp .
ill be leaving erl,the bus,the station,the office,kak ina,my boss,izzati,cik md noor,
the ppl there, the lunch break we use to have,the friday trip to alamanda . this is
so sad :(

ive learned and experienced soo many in this three months*give or take* as a temp staff here . ive made friends and they are awesome . i do have a dream,bhlog, i do .
to studied abroad, to get married,to have a job that i love, to have children,
hear them laugh, to watch them grow, to love my husband, and soo soo many . i hope
Allah is listening to my prayers ,insyaAllah . and if i did go to johor, please
send me friend, a loyal friend, protect me from any harms, keep my faith strong
so that i would NEVER get shaken by anything/anyone. guide me Allah .

i am absurdly terrified of the world right now .


  1. make me sad reading this ..
    InsyaAllah..allah will hears your prayers..
    honestly,i'm afraid too..but the most important is we have to be strong and stay true to Allah :)

  2. thanks nina, ur awesome :D

    lets pray togethr yeah

  3. kak..
    dapat mane and course ape? :)

  4. alaahheeiii amirah heii..


    nnt ble uda confirm sye bgtw ye