Monday, December 12, 2011

be bolder baby

hey you, be stronger,way stronger and braver, for you are going to fight more battles,you'll attain more scars and wounds, you will hurt and get hurt,intentionally or unintentionally,

be fearless,like the snow patrol's signal fire;untill all the fear falls away and leave you naked.

open your mind wide open, Allah doesn't test you for what you can't. there's always something, someway,somehow, someday, always

love yourself sayang,not being selfish, but not untill you know who you are,then you will know Allah, Ya Rabb

never give up, not ever will you surrender,nor regret of what you'll do,at least try not to regret

ala bizikrillahi tatmainnal quloob,ketahuilah dengan ingat Allah,hati kan menjadi tenang

you are not anyone's servant except Allah SWT, The Creator..please don't get yourself bullied, please.

remember what pian said, everyone loves you.remember that

#foster the people-call it what you want

Friday, December 9, 2011

tak bole tido?


aparently, i find myself unable to sleep after 3 in the morning, unless i was already asleep before, do i find myself clear, i don't understant exactly what im saying? yes
that must be it . also, my brother creepy ringtone which just went on for every five minutes is not helping . and, i left my phone in my parents bedroom. i bet the alarm's gonna tick 'em off . oh am i screwed. there goes the freakin' rigntone ringing 4 in the morning----------