Wednesday, July 4, 2012

happy 4th of july. .. keh

whatt lah am i doing?. . .

and so i always thought of doing something more "adult-ly" today. jee..i don't know,,
maybe walk in the rain like nobadeh biznes. or maybe ride a roller coaster( i never get to ride a roller coaster)..maybe i did.. but that wasnt adult-ly! <---does it count?
or maybe scream at the top of my lungs like everything is sound-proof . . .haahaha..
..or mandi kat air-terjun when the water is super cold!..hee..or just go to the beach and watch the ocean..and a lot of other amazing things. but i know that wouldn't happened. i can only imagine what its like to do's not like im being ungrateful.. how shuould i put his.. keadaan tak mengizinkan. im not living in some place where all of those things can be reach that easy . or where i have the money to do so . or where everyone is not that a sucker for this. . .
*got noseblock summore ah*..haiyya :B

Monday, June 25, 2012

please prove that your not a robot


and so..the title,,,yeah. i read someone's blog recently, how astonishing the world have become . it's still a cruel world out there.

i have very few time now, it surprise me more than i thought looking at the calendar. in a few weeks time, and off i go. thank you midvalley, your existence have me reunited with my fellow mates*friends haha . i hope we can see more of each other,or see each other more . until then

Sunday, June 17, 2012

wan ayesha. i think, or i thought,, however ;))


helloe tiny little corner of the web,where i voice out my skeptical opinions of the universe. see this person here, i just mention . she is my senior in highschool*that is before i went to septech*. i do not know if anyone remember her,but i did. and i still have these wondrous question of how is she now.haaa... my english is baaddd yaahhh. teehee. last time i'd check,she went to nz and she should have come back by now.or, so i thought. anyway, i haven't heard of her since. to be honest, i barely knew her.but, i can say that, had you have met her, she is one you would describe as, adorable,inspiring,and a very positive kind-uh person . if i were a dude, id totally be head over heels on her.hahahahaha. but im not. so i see her as a big-sister/rolemodel-ish . wherever you are kak ayesha. i hope you're well .

that's all for thousands apologies for my bad grammar. and thank you for reading this.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

hero handsome

in a few months, you'd be gone. with this brand-new life,brand-new friends,brand-new everything, and im going to be right here,..
i have been pretty cool about it. but im just trying to practice what life is going to be like without you. and im pissed off that i have to learn, for the next sem, what's it going to be like. this ,i wish i can say this to you, this is the closest my words can reach you,barely. i just wish you knew,how i feel,just like everyone else that loves you. and beacuse i know,you don't like talking about mushy stuff. so there you go. jaga diri geng c:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a mere something

before everything is said, my thousand
apologies to those who take this seriously
it is only a mere expression of those who
are less fortunate in choosing their way

university and non university
it's two different matters that most take as a
common place. what i meant by that statement
is ,yes , perhaps we are at fault for what we
are given, but some of us did give all of
our best effort in doing so, but we weren't
given the best chance to study, while those
who did get accepted by sheer dumb luck
gets to be all proud of themselve. oh yes,love,
the world is never at just. they show what fair and
what's not,but they don't do . i may sound
ungrateful through this tiny corner of the web,
but that is not the message im representing.
im just sharing an unpleasant thought of
the world that we live in

Sunday, February 5, 2012

superhero friend

have you ever had a friend, who would laugh with
you, cry with you,makes you laugh untill you
face hurts, make a joke out of everything, gives
a damn good advice that its buried in your head
forever and tells interesting stories about her life
in any timeline she chose. ive met a few of
those who'd leave a significant mark forever in
me. i thank Allah for metting such friends.
He gave and He took back, to test us, to guide us
for any reason,for every reason,is for our own good

is my handsome hero going away, that's a big
question that i know deep in my heart,is true
she is going a place nearer to her home
which is probably better for her . what makes me
more frustrated is that she'd already leave a big
mark in all of us. it is such a massive lost for us.
because i knew how she affects people
within. how happy she makes everybody feels
how she lighten up the mood, how her laugh makes
us laugh along,even if the joke wasn't that hillarious
its her aura.heh. shes leaving already.

dear handsome hero who ive cherish and love,
wherever you are and what you are to be,
don't ever give up, promise me and promise yourself
don't ever give up, in anything and everything that you do
you yourself know what's right and wrong,
i know that you know that.hah. and remember
that everybody love you,your family,your friends
and your cats ofcourse. we love you alley

Monday, January 30, 2012


makin banyak nikmat senibina yang kita rasa

these days,or night,,or 3 in the morning.we seldom sleep. heck yeah to no sleep.
ughh..those words feels like such hyppopotamus. if we ever

Friday, January 20, 2012

adiwira yang cool

salam, i dedicated this post to my superheroes
of mahsuri . thank you

knight rider
thank you for letting me ride with you
everyday, regardless of the situation.

handsome hero
thank you for saving me, i am indebt to you

thank you for being a timekeeper,we might've
missed our early classes without you

power rengers
thank you for listening to all my mumbling
about life and giving your best honest opinion
on things

most of all,thank you for accepting me when i need acceptance
and all of the things you guys did that make me feel comfortable