Monday, June 25, 2012

please prove that your not a robot


and so..the title,,,yeah. i read someone's blog recently, how astonishing the world have become . it's still a cruel world out there.

i have very few time now, it surprise me more than i thought looking at the calendar. in a few weeks time, and off i go. thank you midvalley, your existence have me reunited with my fellow mates*friends haha . i hope we can see more of each other,or see each other more . until then

Sunday, June 17, 2012

wan ayesha. i think, or i thought,, however ;))


helloe tiny little corner of the web,where i voice out my skeptical opinions of the universe. see this person here, i just mention . she is my senior in highschool*that is before i went to septech*. i do not know if anyone remember her,but i did. and i still have these wondrous question of how is she now.haaa... my english is baaddd yaahhh. teehee. last time i'd check,she went to nz and she should have come back by now.or, so i thought. anyway, i haven't heard of her since. to be honest, i barely knew her.but, i can say that, had you have met her, she is one you would describe as, adorable,inspiring,and a very positive kind-uh person . if i were a dude, id totally be head over heels on her.hahahahaha. but im not. so i see her as a big-sister/rolemodel-ish . wherever you are kak ayesha. i hope you're well .

that's all for thousands apologies for my bad grammar. and thank you for reading this.