Wednesday, July 4, 2012

happy 4th of july. .. keh

whatt lah am i doing?. . .

and so i always thought of doing something more "adult-ly" today. jee..i don't know,,
maybe walk in the rain like nobadeh biznes. or maybe ride a roller coaster( i never get to ride a roller coaster)..maybe i did.. but that wasnt adult-ly! <---does it count?
or maybe scream at the top of my lungs like everything is sound-proof . . .haahaha..
..or mandi kat air-terjun when the water is super cold!..hee..or just go to the beach and watch the ocean..and a lot of other amazing things. but i know that wouldn't happened. i can only imagine what its like to do's not like im being ungrateful.. how shuould i put his.. keadaan tak mengizinkan. im not living in some place where all of those things can be reach that easy . or where i have the money to do so . or where everyone is not that a sucker for this. . .
*got noseblock summore ah*..haiyya :B