Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Give These Words To Me Fellow Comrades, Here, There, Everywhere

me fellow comrades,

the semester that we've been longing since the first semester, fifth semester, muahahaha
a lot have happen since 2011, at first, there were many, somehow, the number of students
decreases gradually, as expected from the teachers.
we've made quite a bond fellow comrades, although our time was quick and short,
i cherish our friendship dearly, i do wish we could meet up sometime, somehow,
i have so many things to share, but im not great at expressing huh?
back then, we'd be like ; "ahhh...&*^%!!! bila nak sem 4? ..bila nak sem 5.."
then we would say things like ; "tak sabaa nyee nak sem ni..sem ituu.."
are you reading this one? i hope you are,
because we still talked about you from time to time,
not just you, we talked about others kids too, wondering how were things for them
my writing skills karat already, i'll write better next time
we still remember all of our friends, i hope all of you are doing great