Friday, November 15, 2013

aku minta maaf geng,aku bukan kawan yg baik

ibu said "always see the good side of people",
i have failed ibu terribly
i forgot to see the good side of you
blinded by my own pride,
i have become a terrible friend
you will read what you want to read,
you will hear what you want to hear,
but i am asking you please,
read thoroughly,
i assume you've already see me as a frenemy, a stranger, backstabber
i can't blame you,
because my words have made you felt that way,
my words have stabbed you in the back,
my words have shattered your trust that you once had on me,
i am so ashamed for my actions,
i can only imagine the betrayal that you've felt right now,
no matter how much "sorry" i have said,
it wont mend our strained friendship,
if i could turn back time,
if only i could.. i am terribly sorry for everything i did, that hurt you
i just wish you guys would hear me out,
im not saying im not guilty,
just hear me,asking for your apology,
all of your apology

you might say,i'm playing with words,
no, i am trying to reach you through these words,
i know that i am asking too much
aku betul betul minta ampun dan maaf