Monday, December 15, 2014

Buzz kill

My head is burden with worry. I am worry about the interview, about my family, about my future. Recently, I heard a heavy dark secret, within this secret lies a dark and bitter past of someone. It shocked me tremendously how dark can someone past be. But that person went through it without any exemption. The things that drove them to do what they had to do. I cried so hard, silently listening to these stories. It makes me wonder, will I be as strong to face such task in the near future? Wallahu’alam

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

show off

These are my precious final semester project. It's actually the midterm version of it. I went to a downfall at early stage of the semester, had to pick myself up (with help from my friends n lectures) and make the best of everything, Alhamdulillah! These work aren't the best in architecture (I have seen far much better final projects) but I did my best during that period of my life, Alhamdulillah

Thursday, November 6, 2014

kerja ringan

This is just a glimpse of my work. I made this based on a real house,therefore the initial idea of the house and how it was modeled was not mine entirely.

I should build an empire

I used to have so many things to say in mind, so much that I have to pour it out in words. So many things have assembled and these thoughts get scrambled up in my brain to the point that I can’t get them straight. I have been exposed and allowed myself to be contaminated with the junks in this world. I have become lazy. I am prone to blame myself such because blaming others are considered as an act of selfishness. Lastly, I am still looking for myself, that I once lost, where am I?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

sayang ibu, sayang abah, sayang semua

Enjoy the moment, while it last.
Be grateful of what you have.
Don’t ever forget to thank Allah, all the time.
For you are blessed with so much, 
When someone, somewhere has nothing left.

Savour the moment.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Apa pun yang terjadi,ku kan slalu ada untukmu

Alhamdulillah. First and foremost, I am blessed with such news, to stand among the best in accepting the scroll that my mates and I have struggled years to obtain. But as the news steer clear, I realized that I won't be joining most of my giddy,crazy and awesome friends on stage, not on the same day, sadly.

Thus, making my heart grew heavy and welled up. It's never an option to say if it's fair or not. But I would say, without my friends, I won't be standing where I am today. Without their opinion, their comfort, their presence, their humor, their love, their blessings and all of those wonderful and amazing things that make them who they are, I for one, wouldn't achieve this much.

So, a thank you is actually not enough to cover all those things you showered me with. You, my friends, are a ray of sunshine and I am forever in your debt. As I write these words, memories of all the good, the bad, the awful and the best times flashes through me. Those all nighters we pulled, the food we've shared, the dramas, the neighbors, the cats, the ugly weather, the missing board, the ruined board, the penny-less meal, the horror movies, the night walk, the gossip and the friendship. Sayang- sayangku, kawan, geng, babe, love, friend, kalian akan aku simpan dalam kalbuku,sampai kapan pun.

Friday, July 18, 2014

like the cool kids

Dear readers, I thought of redefining myself. Because I think I am slowly losing the true meaning of being me. I chose to write, for I believe my words sound better from my hands rather than my voice.
It has been 3 months (give or take) since I finished my diploma studies. I am expected to graduate in late August (in shaa Allah). However, ever since I came back home, (surely I felt relief, more relaxed and I enjoyed the free time that I have longed for) I was not being productive at all, not to the fullest anyway. Because of that, I felt empty; my mind suddenly craves for that thrill of work, assignments that challenge your imagination and your moral being (ha-ha). I want to improve myself, since I have all the time in the world, by being better in every way possible. Unfortunately, laziness came stumbling through my front door and I embraced it with warm and cuddly hugs every night (sigh).

From time to time, my consciousness to improve came knocking once a week, telling myself: You should be doing something now! Later, news came flooding; most of my classmate has started doing something beneficial in their lives; they started working. Regardless, if it were a part-time job, or better, work in an architectural firm! Then I felt it. The pain was like a slap right across my face. My pride wounded, my ego hurt. I kept telling myself; It’s alright mate, you’ll get your fair share when its time. I am unemployed and still living with my parent’s money.

I feel like I can do so much more, so much better and the thoughts came creeping until anger boils inside me. Feeling enrage at myself for holding myself back to something much more greater, I weep in my sleep, feeling dejected and so much jealousy to those who are able to do what they studied for and not wasting the knowledge that were gain all these years. The worse thing is, I feel like, if I don’t use this knowledge that I strive to learn, it’s going to leave me to die in rust. Like you have a knife and you don’t use it, it will slowly become blunt. I am trying hard not to forget or let any of my memories to die. 

#np - cool kids by echosmith

Thursday, June 19, 2014

tajuk dia piauww

jikalau dahulu, bahasaku, peradabanku, tutur kataku, kelakuan,
serba sedikit, atau serba banyak, membuat kau teguris hati,
maafkan lah ya,
sungguh, aku tidak sedar,
eh ada mat-mata !

okay, gua chiow!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

don't yo me

i miss these moments of satisfaction

Sunday, February 2, 2014


i learned from the past,
don't lash out on others,
not until you hear their part of the story,

so i got my bands , alhamdulillah
its worth the effort,
despite my pen running out of ink
and all other unfortunate stuff that happen,
i am glad, things happen for a reason

my time is almost up
i'm in my final semester now
hurrah (y)
and i start wondering
whats next