Monday, July 21, 2014

Apa pun yang terjadi,ku kan slalu ada untukmu

Alhamdulillah. First and foremost, I am blessed with such news, to stand among the best in accepting the scroll that my mates and I have struggled years to obtain. But as the news steer clear, I realized that I won't be joining most of my giddy,crazy and awesome friends on stage, not on the same day, sadly.

Thus, making my heart grew heavy and welled up. It's never an option to say if it's fair or not. But I would say, without my friends, I won't be standing where I am today. Without their opinion, their comfort, their presence, their humor, their love, their blessings and all of those wonderful and amazing things that make them who they are, I for one, wouldn't achieve this much.

So, a thank you is actually not enough to cover all those things you showered me with. You, my friends, are a ray of sunshine and I am forever in your debt. As I write these words, memories of all the good, the bad, the awful and the best times flashes through me. Those all nighters we pulled, the food we've shared, the dramas, the neighbors, the cats, the ugly weather, the missing board, the ruined board, the penny-less meal, the horror movies, the night walk, the gossip and the friendship. Sayang- sayangku, kawan, geng, babe, love, friend, kalian akan aku simpan dalam kalbuku,sampai kapan pun.

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