Friday, March 27, 2015

Give me a moment to write you a story

Kisah Senibina or Story of Architecture.

It has been almost a month. A month of anxiety, breath-taking, chills, scary to the pit, self-doubt, self-discovery, patience, all in all, an exciting and dangerous journey.
While we the polies (from polytechnics) struggle to adjust and adapt to the surroundings, our mind were full of thoughts. I would put in a way, back then (in polytechnics) our imaginations were barricaded with rules and regulations that bind our way of thinking. Now, everything is possible, if and only if you can justify yourself (your design).
Another way to put things, we are all in a maze, an exciting, disturbing, evokes fear and abnormalities yet astonishingly beautiful ideas that lay ahead, waiting to be merge in your design kind of maze and while the original part four archi students have already stepped into the maze (some climbed over, some went through the walls, others just found their way throughout the maze itself) , we polies just discovered how to actually climb those walls, to fly and believe things are possible.

Give a little time to me

To work this out

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