Sunday, January 31, 2016


If you give me a logical problem, I may find a logical solution. If you explain to me technically how things work, I will understand and work my way out of things, in shaa Allah. Drawings, specifications, techniques, methods, flow, those, I can comprehend. Now the world we live in is not made of entirely all that. In fact it has become so brutal, I wonder who put a price tag on our land and soil and air and every benefits comes from it and make it theirs. I have been avoiding, I have been ignoring the issues that circles our great nation. I love Malaysia, I do, with all my heart and soul, wallahi. I would gladly help making It into a better nation. But I can’t help being skeptical on how things run nowadays. The politics have become so filthy, I just couldn’t find the logic on why people who runs the country (or help runs it) did what they did!? Their minds are clouded with greed and power, they symbolise the monster we mistaken for people. I choose to ignore, because when I care too much, my heart will be engulf in pain and hatred of what we’ve become as a country that stands on power of democracy. Well to hell with that. I can’t see what’s wrong or wright anymore. Religions have been twisted to accommodate the words of a selfish minister. Laws are bent to fulfil the needs (GREED) of a supposed criminal. Those who FIGHTS for their WRIGHTS! Punished??!!!
And mostly because I never stop caring, and I care too much, but I can't do anything about it except du'a. Astaghfirullahalazim, please Ya Rabb, save my home, my land, for now it have been sold slowly to the outsiders.