Tuesday, May 10, 2016

the pretentious heartless you are,what you are not

its because i know ur that kind of person. you act like you dont give a shit but you give evry shits n think ur opinion is the only one matters. and i cnt tolerate those negativity, its because i read those kind of commnt or opinion tht my mind n my heart is affected to see bad, to feel bad. so i choose not to. and i reject all the negativity you represents. no matter how bad it is, there is always reason behind every doings. and all the bad feedback you get, doesnt mean tht you hve to give back the same bad stuff. it starts with you. how you take the bad, neutralize it and turn it into good, or just pure nothing. the more you hold grudges, the more it eats your soul an you become the so called pretentious heartless. but its all your fault for seeing it the way you did. unless you man up, and put urself in other peoples shoes, you are never going to escape from your world of everything sucks. when Allah clearly created this world to be cherish and to prepare for the heareafter.