Tuesday, September 26, 2017

do you remember, the 21st night of september

Before myspace, facebook and blogging was relevant, I used to write to people. Exchanging news, thoughts, trivia , through email. It was a time where I used to put my thought into words, literally. Back then, mummy used to forward me lots of forwarded message she got and it was thousands of them! Most are trivias that are now lined up on our facebook page where people shared about almost everything and anything. It felt like that was the way I connected to the world of internet. Back then, browsing the web didn’t really get us this far, because we still have our link to books, dictionary, thesaurus and newspapers! We aren’t as lazy as we are now, sadly. I would’ve emailed my friends, asking how was life and all. I don’t know now, I hardly speak to any of them. Now, when the technology is far more advance and communicating is taken from pure text to virtual conference and I still didn’t get in touch with my friends.

To those who I failed, I deeply apologized for not giving the extra effort to do so. I guess, life happens, and I just got away with time. I’m pretty certain that most of you have changed, into different persons, better persons, we see the world differently now.

Live long and prosper,


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

a little patriotic rant

to find the similarities of what made malaysia "malaysia" is next to impossible to me. before i can get to the best part of malysia,  my brain witheld itself and starts tuning on the possibilities that the culture practices in malaysia is similiar to nearby countries. and the most frustrating part is, our next door neighbour, singapore have widely claim to most of our local delicasies as theirs? since they are the first world country and are much more advance. but to go there would be vaint and hurtfull and frustrating. instead lets focus on us. what are we, unity, the most popular word that utters from outsiders about malaysian are, they are kind. we are kind, despite the sarcasm, we are kind and generous people. to love our country, we have to know its origin. even though, we didnt get our independance in the most famous and heroic way, we did get our independance, our leaders got through so much hardship, our people fought so many. but we gain friends and family of different colors from that battle. malaysia nowadays have been influence so much from the west, we sometimes forget our asian past, our sweet and kind and humble culture. kindness. i feel it in our blood. despite all the different religions and culture and diversity, we all share the same blood of kindness running though our veins. we uphold the same flag that our forefathers have fought for and we continue to uphold the flag as the 14  states unites as one country.

Team Raya KL

We had a wonderful eid last Sunday. The day started with a bliss of fajr rain, so sleep was unforgivably satisfying if I didn’t get to wake up at 6 feeling tired (and blessed, mind you!) We’ve been working hard to clean up and prepare for raya occasion, mostly on cleaning up the house to welcome our guest. This year’s theme lies somewhere between purple and pink, not really my favorite color, but I’ve come to terms to just live with it, if it makes mum happy. Well, I don’t look that awful in pink, I guess. Ha. We had breakfast of lemang and rendang, ketupat and kuah kacang and the impromptu lodeh and lontong. Raya is perfect, voila! I helped baked the cookies while Kenny baked some mean butter cake (with regards to mummy’s recipe). Ohhh! And we made a lot of last minute raya shopping, where we got ourselves a new mini sofa that fits perfectly by the stairs! Gosh! I think we’ve made quite a few trips to Messa Mall and the convenient store. Alhamdulillah, mummy made her first solat aidilfitri this year, alhamdulillah yeay! We went straight to visit arwah pian ;) and surprisingly the way out was jammed because of the amount of vehicles, all the way from the cemetery to the masjid’s entrance. Fathi came by after we did our raya routines, taking family photo. His scenario was a sad one I’d say, who wouldn’t be when you somehow got yourself a plane ticket on the night of first raya. But he’s a man, he’ll be fine, haha. Sad, but fine. After Fathi left, we went straight to Kampung Baru to visit Nek Miah,that was cool. It’s been so long since we had raya in Kuala Lumpur, thou I couldn’t enjoy the trip there because I fell asleep whenever I can in the car due to exhaustion. But I love Kuala Lumpur, despite it being extra hot and sunny. That’s all for now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


If I were to describe myself, I would be, like a tree I hope. Because when you're a tree, you provide shade from the sun and sometimes the rain. You give out oxygen, so that's definately benefits the world altogether. But people only want me when they feel like it, or thats how I feel. My roots would be firmly grasping the soil, means when you really want me and you need me, I wont ever leave, heheh, and if you needed some shelter, you'll find me by the roadside hovering over you, uuu.

I hope I'm like a tree to whoever that loves me, but please cherish me, on behalf of all the trees in the world, cherish us and all the benefits we've been giving you, for free; our love (oxygen, speaking as trees).

Text me back please, humor me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I finished reading a book just now. Ha, it was fast because I couldn't get myself to read throughout the content, all because it has to many unecessary narration of the current situation in it! It's not poetry, the words are not as good, but its decent for kids story book. I know, my mistake for buying it. Hey its because I was in a rush to buy books at the Big Bad Wolf, you'll understand how crazy you'll be when you're at that kind of place with all tons of books being stocked up on sale. Its crazy.
Off to a new book to be read,

Have a Good Day.


I would like to tell you a story. I haven't been writing in such a long time that I find myself lost with words, words that actually potrays what I feel, what I see and how I want to interpret my feelings and views on things. Its like I'm losing my memory. I couldn't pronounce or spell the words I wanted and the most frustrating thing of all was, I can't express myself because I got conflicted in using english or malay. My words, my dear dear words. I love english so much. Thats how I express myself last time, through writing. Sadly now, I cloudn't get myself to read, or finish a chapter, let alone reading through an article. My eyes got cought up reading to fast but my brain (poor unfortunate brain) have not been exercising with reading any interesting or good material in these past years, so I end up re-reading, sometimes outloud what is it that I am trying to digest. I was, WAS, and almost-avid-reader. Thank God I knew that word, else I'll be saying I am a fast reader,almost fast.

Hence, the story is genuinely (just because I've been using the word basic quite a lot) about my struggle to complete a well-thought-out english sentence so I don't sound ridiculous. Its an exercise, my remedy to being a well-structure-english-sentence-student, again. or so I hope.

What triggered this? I actually watched the new CW tv series, Riverdale. An incarnation of the archie comic with a twist of dark humour,mysterie and so far, a good storyline. What atrracts me the most was Jughead's narration at the beginning and the end of each episode. The words were beautifully crafted (thou I may be exaggerating here) that I find myself wanting for more, like I wish I could read the book about this. I have a lot of books in my possession, there's no need for me to get a new one. My unsolved issue right now is, I haven't finish the books that I bought. In fact, I should do so right now.

Good Night.