Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I would like to tell you a story. I haven't been writing in such a long time that I find myself lost with words, words that actually potrays what I feel, what I see and how I want to interpret my feelings and views on things. Its like I'm losing my memory. I couldn't pronounce or spell the words I wanted and the most frustrating thing of all was, I can't express myself because I got conflicted in using english or malay. My words, my dear dear words. I love english so much. Thats how I express myself last time, through writing. Sadly now, I cloudn't get myself to read, or finish a chapter, let alone reading through an article. My eyes got cought up reading to fast but my brain (poor unfortunate brain) have not been exercising with reading any interesting or good material in these past years, so I end up re-reading, sometimes outloud what is it that I am trying to digest. I was, WAS, and almost-avid-reader. Thank God I knew that word, else I'll be saying I am a fast reader,almost fast.

Hence, the story is genuinely (just because I've been using the word basic quite a lot) about my struggle to complete a well-thought-out english sentence so I don't sound ridiculous. Its an exercise, my remedy to being a well-structure-english-sentence-student, again. or so I hope.

What triggered this? I actually watched the new CW tv series, Riverdale. An incarnation of the archie comic with a twist of dark humour,mysterie and so far, a good storyline. What atrracts me the most was Jughead's narration at the beginning and the end of each episode. The words were beautifully crafted (thou I may be exaggerating here) that I find myself wanting for more, like I wish I could read the book about this. I have a lot of books in my possession, there's no need for me to get a new one. My unsolved issue right now is, I haven't finish the books that I bought. In fact, I should do so right now.

Good Night.

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